NBA – After 55 games, Gregg Popovich’s observation on Wembanyama: “His unique quality…

Victor Wembanyama’s progress can be seen over the weeks at Spurs. He has made significant progress in attack, while he dominates the NBA in counterattacks. But Gregg Popovich also appreciates his leadership.

With an average of 3.4 blocks per game, Victor Wembanyama is more than ever the NBA leader in blocks. A real feat for the 20-year-old rookie, still the author of an All-Time record against the Pacers this Sunday evening. His progress has been crazy since his arrival in San Antonio, to the point where some believe that the Frenchman should win the defender of the year trophy.

Rudy Gobert seems to be the favorite today, but with more than 5 blocks on average over the last 8 games, Wemby is making significant progress to lead the Spurs. As for the rookie of the year, it’s hard to imagine the Frenchman losing, especially after crushing his direct competitor, Chet Holmgren, during their last duel.

The area where Wembanyama has progressed according to Popovich

All signs are green for Victor, but Gregg Popovich is also impressed by another aspect: his leadership. Wemby constantly supports his teammates, and even refuses to send “negative vibes” according to his own admission to the media. Popovich believes that the Frenchman has made a lot of progress in this, as he explains at a press conference.

Gregg Popovich on Victor Wembanyama : “We can all see he has talent. Whether it’s to counter, score an important 3 points or make an interception. Never mind. It’s not surprising, but his only quality at his age is his composure. Whether there is a good deed or a bad deed, it manages to remain the same. »

“He always remains classy on the floor. His teammates have realized that he is so far ahead in terms of maturity for his age. He proves it every night. »

Wembanyama is often praised for his maturity, all at just 20 years old as a reminder. An aspect where the Frenchman continues to progress, which is obviously important if he wants to take Spurs to the top of the Western Conference. Gregg Popovich is in any case won over.

Gregg Popovich assures us: Victor Wembanyama has progressed well in his role as leader at Spurs. Rather impressive for a 20-year-old, who has all the qualities to lead his team to the top.

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