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NBA Victor Wembanyama
NBAExposed to immense media coverage even before his debut in the league, Victor Wembanyama is today adored by many fans. But messages from haters are also part of the price of fame. The Spurs rookie therefore revealed his secret to dealing with it.

Victor Wembanyama is a player with an apparently unparalleled destiny. Like LeBron James twenty years ago, the league is patiently waiting to see the young prodigy write his legend. Because it was in a few selections with the hopes of the French team that his notoriety began to gain significant momentum and today, his name is on the lips of the whole world.

Many people praise the young Spurs star and there is reason to do so, since she is multiplying her exploits in what is only her first season on the floors across the Atlantic. But what would a rose be without its thorns? Indeed, encouragement is also often accompanied by messages of hatred and criticism on social networks. However, the Alien has found a simple method to counter this scourge.

How to deal with haters according to Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama has revealed his brilliant technique for calming things down when his name sounds too loud on social media: “I just turn off my phone”.

If you have something negative to say about Wembanyama, you will surely exhaust your energy in vain since the latter will surely not have seen it. Indeed, the first pick of the 2023 Draft declared that he simply turned off his phone when his name was the subject of criticism from mean-spirited Internet users. It is undoubtedly a wise decision on the part of the Frenchman who is still only 20 years old.

Because despite his extraordinary statistics, he does not escape the slander of some. But given his latest performances, simple words do not seem to be able to stand in his way while he is currently considered the big favorite in the race for ROY. Furthermore, we had already had the right to some revelations about Wemby’s daily routine, which surely explains his maturity.

Spurs staff have been advised never to telephone Victor Wembanyama after 9.30pm. That’s when he reads for an hour before then going to bed. Wemby always remains focused.

Don’t waste your energy trying to destabilize Victor Wembanyama with hate messages, his phone is probably in airplane mode. In his road to success, the Spurs rookie puts all his concentration into his game, and this therefore requires ignoring his haters.

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