NBA – Absolute humiliation for the Warriors, Steph Curry distraught: “We had…

La superstar NBA des Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry

The Warriors largely lost against the Celtics this Sunday evening, after a violent rout in the first quarter. Steph Curry was understandably disappointed when he appeared in front of the media.

Used to beating opponents, the Warriors changed sides this Sunday evening against the Celtics. Steve Kerr’s men lost 88-140, with particularly bad defense against Jaylen Brown in particular. A total fiasco for Golden State, far from being able to compete with one of the favorites for the title this weekend.

Steph Curry touched after defeat

However, don’t count on the franchise to panic. Steph Curry and his partners want to quickly move on from now on, even if the leader was inevitably disappointed with the result. It must be said that in the past, it was the Dubs who used to give such beatings. But times have changed for this franchise.

Stephen Curry : “They made 10 three-pointers in the first quarter, that’s what we used to do to teams, so it’s a little demoralizing, especially on the road. »

The Warriors’ next match will not be much simpler against the Bucks, one of the leaders of the Eastern Conference, while they will face Victor Wembanyama’s Spurs on Saturday evening. One thing is certain: a reaction is expected quickly.

Bad evening for the Warriors and Steph Curry, disappointed by this absolutely catastrophic result. We must quickly turn the page and move forward in Golden State…

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