NBA – A teammate of Wembanyama says: “When I was transferred to the Spurs, I was…

The young French NBA player from the San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama

The trade deadline is always a notable moment in the NBA season, both for players and fans. Finally, not everyone has the same approach to this day, proof of this with the crazy testimony of a teammate of Victor Wembanyama.

In a few years, or even this summer, the Spurs could well (re)become a very prestigious destination in the NBA. 

Indeed, thanks to the monstrous contribution of Victor Wembanyama to the squad, many people should want to conquer a title alongside him. 

And to make matters worse, there is a legendary coach on the bench in the person of Gregg Popovich.

Moreover, there are already numerous rumors about possible reinforcements in Texas, and they do not necessarily concern second zone players. 

For example, according to several sources, a leader like Trae Young could be tempted by the project if the Hawks fail to surround him and satisfy him. 

Just imagine the pick-and-roll between them… The Frenchman’s points average would explode instantly!

Devonte’ Graham in no rush to join Spurs last year

Finally, before the arrival of the last No. 1 of the Draft, the hype was very different in San Antonio. 

The proof with this little revelation from Devonte’ Graham in an excellent article from ESPN . 

The leader explained how he learned of his trade to the Spurs last year, and especially how he reacted. 

He was clearly in no rush to get on the plane.

Sometimes finding out you’re being traded isn’t enough to stop playing video games. 

Devonte’ Graham was on “Call of Duty” when he was traded at the last deadline. 

His agent told him he was safe, but 15 minutes before the deadline, he was sent to San Antonio. 

He was not perturbed until his partner asked him if he needed to pack things to leave.

“I didn’t really realize it until I received a call, around 2:45 p.m., telling me that I had to be on the plane at 6 p.m. to be able to join the team on a trip to Detroit. 

In fact you arrive in a totally different team, with new coaches, you have to get to know all your new teammates, integrate into a system. It’s a lot “

Devonte’ Graham was quietly at his console when he learned he was being sent to San Antonio by the Pelicans. 

While he might have been surprised or panicked, because his agent told him he had no fear, the point guard continued to play until his new franchise booked him a jet to join them in Detroit. 

So it really is a world apart.

For some players, and especially fathers, an exchange can be experienced as a minor drama, since it means moving for everyone. For Devonte’ Graham on the other hand, it wasn’t even enough to turn off the console.

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