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The title of Defender of the Year should still be debated this season.

 If Rudy Gobert is the big favorite, followed shortly by Victor Wembanyama, some wonder why other names are never mentioned, despite their talent in the field.

As is often the case in recent years, the race for the MVP title is the most undecided in the NBA.

Indeed, with around ten matches still to go, Nikola Jokic and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander are neck and neck, while Giannis Antetokounmpo lies in ambush.

One thing is certain, voters will have to rack their brains to make a final choice.

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For the rest, and in particular the title of Rookie of the Year, it seems quite clear that Victor Wembanyama will be elected in a few weeks.

If the fight with Chet Holmgren may have existed at one time, it hasn’t been for quite a while.

Likewise for the player who has progressed the most this year, Tyrese Maxey should be unanimous.

Defender of the Year trophy called into question

Where doubt still persists slightly according to the Las Vegas bookmakers, it is the DPOY, where Rudy Gobert and Victor Wembanyama are fighting .

Moreover, from the latest odds, several Internet users were scandalized by one thing: the fact that a player like Anthony Davis is never in the race despite his defensive impact on the Lakers.

We live in a world where Jaren Jackson Jr. and Marcus Smart won that title, but not Anthony Davis or Bam Adebayo… Okay.

The title of Defender of the Year seems to be questioned by many fans, who do not always understand the award criteria.

Indeed, Internet users wondered why players like Marcus Smart and Jaren Jackson had already been winners, and not Anthony Davis? Obviously, the controversies are not new.

Draymond Green was only elected once, Tim Duncan never won, it was always a weird trophy.

The title of Defender of the Year, perhaps more than the others , is awarded on fairly vague and secret criteria.

 So Internet users are wondering why some of the best of this generation have never been rewarded.

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