NBA – A few days from the end, fans in shock after a stat between Wembanyama and Gobert!

French NBA players Rudy Gobert (left) and Victor Wembanyama (right)

Rudy Gobert remains the favorite for the DPOY title, but Victor Wembanyama is giving him competition with his prowess. And a statistic also supports his case.

With the regular season ending in a week, it will soon be time for journalists to decide on individual trophies.

Rudy Gobert has long been the big favorite for the DPOY title, helped by the domination of the Wolves in the Western Conference.

Unfortunately for him, Victor Wembanyama came to get involved in these stories.

Statistic Supports Wembanyama’s Case for DPOY

With 3.5 blocks on average, NBA leader, and a crazy impact on the Spurs, Wemby has stats worthy of a DPOY.

Only problem ? Spurs’ 18 victories this season, insufficient for observers to make them a favorite. However, another statistic in terms of counterattacks demonstrates Victor’s domination of this campaign.

Victor Wembanyama this season: 226 blocks. Rudy Gobert over the last two seasons: 239 blocks.

The stats have changed slightly over the last few games, with 238 blocks for Wembanyama compared to 245 for Gobert.

Proof that the first city has already found the best way to counter his opponents, making him a formidable defender.

Enough to change the minds of a few journalists? Internet users approve.

I find that many people think this is normal. It’s not.

Victor Wembanyama finishes strong for the Spurs, to the point where the DPOY file may not be over for Rudy Gobert either.

What is certain is that Wemby could well hold a new record by the end of his career.

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