NBA – A debate over the end of Wembanyama’s season agitates fans: “We can see that he…

The young French NBA player from the San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama

Recovered from his injury, Victor Wembanyama has been playing a little more in recent months with Spurs. 

A positive sign for the supporters, although fatigue seems to be showing for some.

As the end of the season approaches, it’s clear that Victor Wembanyama isn’t quite 100%.

Although he has recovered from his ankle problem, as well as his shoulder, the Frenchman has seemed tired at times in recent weeks.

The sequence of matches inevitably plays a role, even if the Frenchman revealed that he suffered from allergies at the start of the year. And that’s not forgiving.

Wembanyama’s playing time problematic?

A problem like any other for Wemby, who is not really looking for excuses at Spurs.

He wants to continue playing with one goal in mind: to win matches and finish this season on a good note.

Gregg Popovich in any case gives him more playing time… without being exceptional.

Wemby’s last 4 games: 31 minutes played x4.

Limited at the start of the season to 25 minutes, Wemby has already been entitled to a raise in 2024, a sign that he is getting a little more accustomed to the pace of the NBA.

But should we go even further for his rookie season?

Let’s say that we can doubt it when we see his fatigue during certain meetings.

They’re not looking to overuse him but he’s also acclimating to the long NBA season, you can see he’s tired the last few weeks but he’s giving it his all

He has to play 5 more

Still far from playing 40 minutes per match, Victor Wembanyama remains protected by the Spurs for his rookie campaign. 

Undoubtedly the best solution for the Frenchman, who will have a turbulent summer as a reminder in Paris…

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