Monta Ellis Reveals Insights Into His Time Competing Against Stephen Curry: Unveiling the Unfiltered Truth

Before establishing himself as the star and leader of Golden State, Stephen Curry had to face some competition from Monta Ellis. Years later, the latter returned to this period with hindsight and sincerity.

Despite the memorable appearances of Chris Mullin, Rick Barry and Wilt Chamberlain, there is no doubt that he represents the greatest player in the history of the franchise.

Stephen Curry has not finished writing his legend at the Warriors and continues to fight to expand his record.

He also happens to come across some old acquaintances at the Chase Center, like Monta Ellis:

Monta Ellis returns without filter to his pair with Steph Curry

Although he has been the face of it for many years now, Curry did not immediately inherit the keys to the truck in Golden State.

He indeed landed in a team where Ellis was the No. 1 option and did not necessarily intend to give up his place easily.

As such, at the start of their first season side by side, the latter had a clear message addressed to the coaching staff during Media Day:

People compare the duo I formed with BD (Baron Davis) to the one I formed with Stephen, but it’s different.

The situations are different. On the one hand, you had a veteran who already had nine seasons under his belt, who understands the game, who knows how to play and who has a big physique.

On the other hand, you have two small guards who would be expected to occupy both backcourt positions.

But when you have two big backs on the opposite team, it can’t work.

OK, of course, we will be able to go back and forth quickly but at the end of the day, the game will necessarily slow down and that cannot work.

Despite this warning, the former full-back was indeed accompanied by Curry in the major five in this season concluded with a poor record of 26-56. This, before being traded and sacrificed in 2012 for the benefit of the Chef. A decade later, he maintained his remarks at the microphone of NBC Sports :

We would have had two little ones in the backcourt and West was tough at the time. We were just too small. I did not lie. It was also my frustration expressed.

At that point, there was a lot of stuff that was promised that didn’t happen. It was one of the things I had to deal with.

But there was never anything personal with Steph. It just couldn’t work in the West.

From the start doomed to failure in his eyes, Monta Ellis saw the facts confirm his concerns about his duo with Stephen Curry at the Warriors. There is therefore no question for him to be more measured and to go back on his words on this subject.

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