Mavs’ Kyrie Irving Commends Spurs’ Victor Wembanyama as Strong DPOY Candidate ‎

In a thrilling showdown between the Dallas Mavericks and the San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama showcased his defensive prowess, leaving a lasting impact on the court.

Despite the Mavericks’ 113-107 victory, Wembanyama’s defensive presence posed a significant challenge to star players like Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving.


Irving, who delivered an impressive performance with 28 points, acknowledged Wembanyama’s defensive abilities, particularly his unique timing and guard-like instincts.

Reflecting on a blocked layup attempt, Irving praised Wembanyama’s court awareness and long wingspan, highlighting his ability to cover ground effectively.

Victor Wembanyama, San Antonio Spurs, Kyrie Irving, Dallas Mavericks“He has t

he timing of a guard,” Irving remarked. “He covers up a lot of space and challenges shots with precision.”

Irving went further to commend Wembanyama as a legitimate contender for the Defensive Player of the Year (DPOY) award, citing his transformative impact on the Spurs’ defense.

With Wembanyama averaging an NBA-best 3.5 blocks per game and showcasing remarkable defensive stats, Irving believes he possesses all the qualities deserving of the prestigious honor.


“As a competitor, I relish the challenge of facing him,” Irving expressed.

“His presence on the court elevates everyone’s game and demands respect.”

Wembanyama’s stellar defensive performance throughout the season has exceeded expectations, surpassing the defensive stats of previous DPOY winners.

With his consistent contributions and undeniable impact, Irving believes Wembanyama is a strong candidate for the coveted DPOY award.



While the final decision rests with the voters, Irving emphasized Wembanyama’s undeniable credentials and contributions to the Spurs’ success.

“He’s proven himself on both ends of the court,” Irving concluded.

“His defensive prowess speaks for itself, and he’s certainly deserving of consideration for the DPOY award.”

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