LeBron James’s confession when he got into trouble? It seems like we’ve never seen him in a mood like this.

LeBron James dans son podcast "Mind The Game"

As he continues to discuss various topics in his new podcast, LeBron James made an admission that may seem surprising for a professional player. But JJ Redick totally approves.

As the postseason approaches for the Lakers, LeBron James continues his podcast alongside JJ Redick, with a third episode released earlier in the week.

The supporters are also delighted since the show is a hit, tackling basketball in depth rather than being content with controversies.

The opportunity for many to learn more about coach systems for example.

In this third episode, James and Redick for example discussed the evolution of the Thunder, notably thanks to the arrival of Chet Holmgren .

Proof that the rookie is a problem, but also that LeBron knows a lot about the competition.

And that could be very useful in view of the playoffs. However, it is another discussion that amused Internet users.

LeBron James’ confession when in trouble

While fans regularly go to see the King’s highlights, it turns out that the person in question… does exactly the same thing. LeBron often goes to watch his own matches, especially when he finds himself in difficulty or with some clumsiness with his shooting.

This is what he explains to Redick, who totally approves.

LeBron James : “Sometimes I watch old clips of my performances, or videos that I come across in my timeline on social networks… I see the clips! I don’t go online and type in ‘LeBron James highlights. (laughs) »

JJ Redick : “Wait wait. It’s going to be okay, my guy. We all watch our own highlights. LeBron… You’re going to tell me that you’ve never been on YouTube to…”

LeBron : “Of course yes. I did it. (laughs) The reason I do that sometimes is because you’re going through a tough time and you start to think, ‘where’s my game?’ Youtube is the perfect place to find your game. We’ve all done it, that’s for sure. »

Yes, LeBron will sometimes watch his own matches, just to regain his game a little according to him and regain confidence.

And judging by Redick’s reaction, that’s the case for a lot of players across the league.

Good cohesion between the two. JJ is really good at this.

When he goes through a slightly more difficult period on the floor, LeBron James does not hesitate to go to YouTube to watch his old highlights.

A surprising admission, even if the King is probably far from being the only one…

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