LA Lakers get ready before the match against Golden State Warriors: “No less than NBA Playoffs”

Tomorrow morning, the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors will form the center of the NBA and the Angel City team affirms its readiness.

The regular season is still a month away, but Rui Hachimura of the Los Angeles Lakers said Sunday morning’s game against the Golden State Warriors had the feel of an important rivalry.

“This will be a big match, almost a play-off ,” the Japanese player shared after training. 

“I feel like we have played them many times – pre-season, playoffs and regular season matches. So we know each other well.”

The Lakers have met the Warriors 10 times in the past 10 months
Indeed, LA and Golden State have faced off 10 times in the past 10 months, starting in the postseason since last spring’s postseason. 

Each team won 5 of those matches.

The Lakers (36-31) ranked 9th in the West and created a 1-game gap compared to the Warriors (34-31). 

If the postseason starts today, LA will host the Warriors in a Play-in match, and the winning team will play the losing team in the remaining play-in match to compete for tickets to the Playoffs.

“Who craves more?” 

Hachimura shared. 

“We have to show that spirit and try to have a good month tomorrow.”

Curry and Green left open the possibility of playing
Both teams experienced defeat before entering this match. 

The Lakers lost in Sacramento 107-120. Warriors – missing Stephen Curry (ankle) and Draymond Green (back pain) – suffered a 99-109 defeat on the field of the Dallas Mavericks.

With a decisive match to the final ranking, coach Darvin Ham believes that Golden State will have Curry and Green in the starting lineup. 

To prepare for this match, the Lakers held a video review of the loss to the Kings to learn lessons.
The Lakers are currently 1 game ahead of the Warriors in the Western rankings

“A lot of players gave different opinions. I think that’s great. A healthy debate ,” coach Darvin Ham was excited. 

“I think that’s why we’re able to respond to these disappointing failures. We look at the problem head-on and find ways to get better.”

The Lakers have won 13 of 21 games since last facing the Warriors – a thrilling 145-144 victory in second overtime on January 27. 

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