Klay Thompson bought his mother a multimillion-dollar mansion with a vast garden to celebrate her 60th birthday, expressing his gratitude





Klay Thompson of the Warriors goes home to find touching posters from his neighbors in the Bay Area.

The Bay Area is Klay Thompson’s favorite place to live, and his neighbors feel the same way.

Following a hectic few days that included winning the NBA championship in Boston, having a cr𝔞zy time at the parade in San Francisco, and partying in Las Vegas, Thompson went back to his home in Marin County.

He posted two posters on Wednesday, one of which had kind words from his neighbors in Marin County congratulating him.

A reference to the challenges the shooting guard has faced, “941 Days” is written in big, Warriors-gold letters on one of the posters.

After missing 941 days due to ruptured ACL and Achilles tendon injuries in back-to-back years, Thompson returned to the NBA and went on to win his fourth NBA title in eight years.

Though Klay’s bond with “Splash Brother” Steph Curry is well-known throughout the Bay Area, recent events have also shown how close-knit his relationship with his neighbors is.

Thompson has delighted in the joy he’s been able to spread throughout the community since returning from Boston.

Among the numerous small pleasures he has experienced since coming home are being recognized at brunch and “taking a picture with an old lady or young kid,” which is what the posters he was greeted with were.

He shared a video on his Instagram story earlier this week of himself lounging on his cherished boat with two neighbors who lived “right down the corner.”

It is currently unknown whether any neighborhood bakery has served a “holy cannoli” in his honor.

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