“It’s 10x Worse”: Stephen Curry Found It Difficult To Face Warriors Reality After 18,000 Fans Were Silenced By Pacers

USA Today via Reuters

Stephen Curry looked back at the two tough losses and poured his emotions out. Amid this struggling stretch, the critics repeatedly dropped the hammer on the superstar.

Ever since Steph’s ankle injury, the Golden State Warriors have been in a quicksand, struggling to win games.

Following tonight’s game, the 4x Champ shared his emotions on losing to the Indiana Pacers at home.

During the post-game press conference, a reporter asked Steph if he had watched the Pacers film.

Before the tough loss against the Minnesota Timberwolves tonight, the Warriors suffered a frustrating loss against Tyrese Haliburton & Co. In response to the question, Steph candidly highlighted the plight of a baller.

He said, “As a player, you know when you’re messing up and making mistakes and there’s a lack of focus and then you go watch the film and it’s 10 times worse.” 


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The Warriors have had a poor run at home this season with an 18-19 record.

Interestingly, the Dubs historically have had better records at home, but this season they have done a better job on the road.

Nevertheless, Stephen Curry opened up after disappointing the 18,000 fans at Chase Center and dived deep into the Pacers film.

After admitting that he felt tenfold worse after watching the Pacers film, Steph praised the team for tonight’s performance.

He added, “I’m sure the film will look a lot better still a loss.

I think that honestly speaks to our pride and our ability to come out and want to play hard knowing we have had a tough goal as of late.”

However, the margin of error is very low for the Bay Area side, as the unstoppable Houston Rockets are right behind their back to take away their playoff hopes.

Stephen Curry & Co’s road ahead of the playoff

The Dubs have 5 out of their next six games on the road. And one of them is against the Rockets.

If not for others, the Warriors themselves have the opportunity to shut down the H-Town. Steph & Co. are in dire need of getting back to their winning ways and cementing their spot in the playoffs.

With only 12 games left in the regular season, the team needs to make the most of it or it could be curtains for the Dubs’ legacy.

However, Steph took responsibility for the Pacers’ loss and promised to bounce back in the upcoming games.

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