Is there anything scarier than Wembanyama in the NBA? : “If you think Wembanyama is good, you’re not ready for…

Victor Wembanyama

In the space of a few months, Victor Wembanyama has practically made everyone agree that he will be a legendary player.

And this would only be the beginning according to some Internet users, in particular with a view to his future with the French team.

Was he going to rise to the occasion after being drafted first overall? Could he embody the future of Spurs?

Victor Wembanyama answered these questions with a huge yes, for his rookie season.

The pivot dominates his vintage head and shoulders and heads towards ROY but above all, he has already established himself among the elite of his position.

With more than 21 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists and three blocks on average, the Frenchman has created real carnage in his first months in the United States.

Obviously, it didn’t take him long to adapt to the game played in the NBA, especially on defense.

This is obviously very attractive in view of the Paris Olympics this summer, especially since some fans are already preparing for a mixtape that has never been seen before or almost.

Victor Wembanyama even more terrifying in FIBA ​​than in the NBA?

If you think Wemby is good in the NBA, you’re not ready for his FIBA ​​version

Thanks to his years at ASVEL and the Mets but also his experience with the French youth team, the V already knows perfectly how the FIBA ​​game works, which demonstrates certain differences with the NBA.

And as he has gained momentum as well as a little volume since he played in the US, the Habs could well become even more unstoppable.

There is something to rub your hands on in France.

The guy is going to clean up everything around the circle lol, he’s going to get 10 blocks per match

After shining brightly on the NBA scene, Victor Wembanyama will return to the FIBA-stamped basketball scene at the Paris Olympic Games.

The guy already knows what awaits him and has further raised his level of play since his arrival at Spurs, so we can hope for an incredible masterclass from him.

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