In the wake of the Wemby show, Barkley mercilessly for the Spurs: “They are not going to…

NBA legend Charles Barkley (left) and French player Victor Wembanyama (right)

NBA legend Charles Barkley (left) and French player Victor Wembanyama

By delivering another impressive performance against the Thunder on Thursday, Victor Wembanyama secured the Spurs their 12th victory of the season. This has sparked questions about the franchise’s future, and Charles Barkley had some insights to offer.Victor Wembanyama có đang chơi ở NBA Summer League 2023 không?

At this point last year, the Spurs had a record of 15-47, three wins more than they currently have. It’s safe to say that the Spurs haven’t made much progress over the past year, despite the addition of Victor Wembanyama. While he’s had an excellent rookie season individually, the French prodigy still seems too isolated to elevate his franchise to prominence.

His individual brilliance alone isn’t enough to prevent Gregg Popovich’s squad from languishing in last place in the Western Conference (12-48). However, there’s still hope among fans, who cherish each victory. Their latest triumph against the Thunder, particularly significant as they dominated over Chet Holmgren’s team with a score of 132-118, underscores this.

Victor Wembanyama enjoys first NBA win as he leads San Antonio Spurs to  victory over Houston Rockets | CNN

Charles Barkley’s sobering assessment of the Spurs Following their victory against OKC, it’s evident that the Spurs possess talent. However, they must capitalize on this potential without delay, as Shaquille O’Neal emphatically urged them to do. Charles Barkley, also present on the set of Inside The NBA, echoed a similar sentiment, albeit with a more cautious tone:

“I don’t think the Spurs will be contenders for the next 3 years. They need to exercise patience. With their current roster, even if they sign a marquee player soon, they won’t win many games. They won’t be back in the playoffs quickly. They need to tell themselves, ‘We’ll build over the next 3 years, and then we can be competitive enough for the playoffs.'”

Wembanyama passing early tests | The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - Arkansas'  Best News Source

Undoubtedly, the Spurs’ lack of experience inhibits them from competing with top teams in the West. Their average age of 23.5 at the start of the season was almost prohibitive in this regard. Therefore, the front office knows that they need to bolster the roster with seasoned players. It seems that acquiring a star player is the most plausible move.

However, according to Barkley, even a high-profile addition next summer won’t be sufficient to return the franchise to prominence. Similar to the Thunder, who took the time to rebuild before becoming a force this season, the Spurs need to avoid rushing their process. Nonetheless, they shouldn’t drag it out too long either, considering Wembanyama’s evident hunger for success.

Despite the Spurs’ victory against the Thunder this Thursday (132-118), many observers remain skeptical about their potential. Charles Barkley encourages them, particularly Wembanyama, to exercise patience.

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