“Hall of shame performance”: College hoops world brutally roasts $1.8M NIL-valued Angel Reese amid first-half struggles against MTSU

Ole Miss v LSULSU Tigers forward Angel Reese

Angel Reese did not get off to a strong start through the first one-and-a-half games of the NCAA Tournament.

The LSU Tigers forward, who has an NIL valuation of $1.8 million, according to On3 Sports, struggled in a 70-60 win over the Rice Owls on Friday as she finished with 10 points, 19 rebounds, three assists and one steal while shooting just 1-7 from the field and 8-12 from the free-throw line.

Reese did not play much better in the first half of the Tigers’ second-round matchup against the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders on Sunday.

She entered the halftime break with just six points, six rebounds, one assist and one steal while shooting 3 of 10 and missing both free throws as LSU trailed 36-32.

Still, she and the Tigers rolled in the second half, winning 83-56 as Reese finished with 20 points and 11 rebounds, making 3 of 7 from the field and all eight free throws.

Her first-half performance drew plenty of criticism from fans.

@DEADMAN_pt3 claimed:

“Angel Reese hall of shame performance.”

@iam_johnw believes her ex-boyfriend is happy with her struggles:

“Angel Reese ex boyfriend coming onto social media after seeing her play like a jv player since the breakup.”

@BankrollJTee suggested Reese is not living up to their expectations:

“As much as I want Angel Reese to be “Her” …. The more I watch…….”

@ReggieGiles5 does not believe Reese will thrive at the professional level:

“Angel Reese been getting her sh** blocked the whole game they gonna eat her alive in the WNBA.”

@CrispyRoutes84 wants to see the Tigers star out of the NCAA Tournament:

“Please send Angel Reese home.”

@probablyatypo believes that Reese’s ex-boyfriend was on her mind:

“angel reese during halftime after thinking about that dude all first half.”

@briee39892109 had similar thoughts:

“Angel Reese is not mentally in the game it’s all over her face and body language……that boy that look like a an unbend Shamar really did a number on her huh 🤔⁉️”

@11TimeChamps shared strong words for the three-time All-American:

“Angel Reese legitimately the most classless b**ch I’ve ever seen.

@aspoiledaries came to Reese’s defense:

“Angel Reese gets more hate then probably any woman in the game rn.

That’s why I don’t believe she’s overrated or overhyped.

Y’all always have something weird to say about her as a person or when she’s playing.”

@JLCastleman believes the Tigers are paying the referees:

“How much is LSU paying these refs in this MTSU match?

Absolute bs calls. And you can’t tell me Angel Reese didn’t flop.”

@iahawkman found a reason to criticize Reese:

“Angel Reese is a F**KING clown, with zero respect for the game. She waves bye, to the opposing player after they foul out.”

@CrossoverKween claimed LSU has a dirty program:

“Anyone watching the game saw how @KimMulkey whispered in Angels ear that the girl had 4 fouls and @Reese10Angel flopped so the girl would get out.

This program is dirty from the coach all the way down to the players.”

How did Angel Reese perform in the second half?

Despite her first-half struggles, Angel Reese turned things around in a major way.

In the second half, the LSU Tigers star recorded 14 points, five rebounds, two assists, one block and one steal.

More importantly, the Tigers outscored the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders 51-20 in the second half to advance to the Sweet 16 with an 83-56 victory.

The defending national champions will face the winner of Monday night’s matchup between the No. 2-seeded UCLA Bruins and No. 7-seeded Creighton Bluejays.

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