Gregg Popovich’s Surprising Revelation About the Olympic Final Against France Leaves Readers Intrigued

In the summer of 2021, in the Olympic Games marked by a COVID context, the French basketball team almost caused a surprise by winning gold. 
Team USA finally resisted, and Gregg Popovich has very clear memories of this final.

As the Paris Olympic Games fast approach, it is always good to remember the French team’s last campaign in the competition.

Ambitious, the Blues reached the final against Team USA after a memorable journey, very rich in emotion.

For example, Nicolas Batum’s victorious counter in the semi-final will perhaps forever remain as the greatest action in our history:

Gregg Popovich cashes in the Tokyo Olympics final

Unfortunately the Americans, and especially Kevin Durant , were too strong in the gold medal match.

An ultra-important coronation for Gregg Popovich and his staff, who had to avenge the humiliation of the 2019 World Cup.

Recently questioned on this subject in the daily l’Equipe , the Spurs coach returned to this intense match

Pressure is inherent in international basketball, so there was some in the final.

You represent an entire country. We set up the team in a particular context with COVID.

It took us a while to bring our players together and find ourselves collectively. We had never played a single match together before the tournament started, and we had to deal with a few setbacks.

People don’t understand how teams in the rest of the world are playing at an ultra-high level now.

It’s like Germany, few people put a coin on their victory at the last World Cup. Basketball is currently evolving in a unique and special era.

For Gregg Popovich, the last Olympic Games final was the first proof that the rest of the world is starting to catch up with Team USA.

The Blues had remained in the match for a long time and could have won gold with a few more decisive actions.

It remains to be seen whether the trend will be confirmed next summer in Paris, or whether the Americans will come with destructive intentions.

Gregg Popovich felt pressure going into the Olympics final, as he had the weight of a country on his shoulders. Fortunately for him and unfortunately for us, Team USA was up to the task.

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