Gilbert Arenas explains how the Lakers Superstar is concerned about cocaine parties near his neighborhood: “He really pays attention to them.”

"LeBron James rất quan tâm": Gilbert Arenas giải thích việc Siêu sao Lakers lo ngại như thế nào về các bữa tiệc cocaine gần khu nhà của anh ấy

LeBron James recently made the headlines for unprecedented events in his personal life.

As per the latest reports, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar remained concerned about cocaine parties near his Beverly Hills property.

Amidst the interest in the scenario, Gilbert Arenas explained the entire situation in the latest episode of No Chill Gil.

Describing James as a “petty King”, Arenas highlighted the source of concern.

He pointed out how squatters recently took over Beverly Hills neighborhood to throw parties that had evident presence of cocaine.

The 42-year-old soon mentioned the difficulties in putting an end to this theme in California as the process often led to paperwork and appearances in court.

Hence, Arenas justified the distress of the 39-year-old to a large extent.

Following that, he outlined how the situation might result in a harmful impact on James’ next generation raising the latter’s anxiety.

“LeBron James is very concerned because he travels a lot…The kids are in college, you know what I mean,” the 3x All-Star mentioned.

However, in the end, the host changed his tone drastically as he mocked James for deploying 24/7 security for his assets.

Arenas displayed how the Lakers star’s property was vacant land to downplay the latter’s source of concern.

 “The dirt is what LeBron James is concerned about,” he mentioned while laughing hysterically.

As per Arenas, James had immersed himself in unnecessary worries.

However, for the 4x MVP, it remained a major distress as his frustration over the situation continued to create headlines.

Admittedly, it is hard to blame him.

After all, drugs within one’s community are never a good thing.

And with his kids especially being at an impressionable age at the moment, the 39-year-old likely despises what is going on in his community.

LeBron James’ concern continues to grow

The squatter situation became prevalent in Beverly Hills recently as they took over a place a few doors down from James’ house.

As per Curbed, the squatters initially broke into a nearly 1316 Beverly Grove Place in January leading to a court case

. Despite eventually agreeing to leave the property, the group also intentionally delayed the entire process.

Even after several complaints, there has been no avail, adding volume to James’ worries.

Yet, the NBA superstar has refused to make any public comments about the situation.

However, one of the neighbors of his Mediterranean-style home in Beverly Hills contacted his house manager, who mentioned the 20x All-Star was “very concerned”.

Therefore, the seriousness of the scenario remains undeniable.

On top of it, no clear solution has resulted in frustration and distress for the Lakers talisman.

With the concerns growing, the eventual outcome of the situation will be interesting to watch out for.

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