“Get your b*tch a** on the court!” – Stephen Curry and D’Angelo Russell had a trash-talking bout on Saturday

Steph got heated during the Warriors-Lakers tiff on Saturday.

In the Golden State Warriors’ win over the Los Angeles Lakers, a fiery Stephen Curry scored 31 points and sank three 3-pointers.

his scoring plays was a four-point play that put the Warriors up 87-77 late in the third quarter.

After the whistle and the bucket, Curry was seen mouthing off at the Lakers bench.

A leaked audio of the play reveals that he was gabbing at former teammate D’Angelo Russell.

Curry and Russell went at it

It’s unclear if the point guards had already engaged in some back-and-forth before the events in the video.

However, DLo appeared to have lit a fire under Steph after he implored LeBron James to attack the Warriors star after getting the mismatch.

James inexplicably hesitated to go at Curry from the perimeter, giving Gary Payton II enough time to provide help defense.

After a kick-out pass to Austin Reaves resulted in Payton blocking the guard’s jumper, Steph knocked down the and-1 play on the other end of the court.

Later, Klay Thompson could be seen jawing at Russell, and his Splash Bro had more words for the foe.

The Warriors eventually had the last laugh, taking the 128-121 victory to record two consecutive wins against Los Angeles after their heartbreaking double-overtime loss in the teams’ first meeting this regular season.

Russell did his best to provide James with enough offensive support, putting up 23 points and 13 assists to supplement the four-time MVP’s 40 points, eight rebounds, and nine assists. Unfortunately for the Purple and Gold, Golden State just had too much firepower.

The Lakers and Dubs could meet in the postseason

Of course, the war of words between Steph and DLo could merely be the result of two competitors doing their utmost to give their respective squads an advantage in the matchup.

After all, they spent part of one season together, with Russell even recently praising the two-time MVP’s confidence and work ethic.

It remains to be seen if there really is no bad blood between them, as the Dubs are set to face off against the Lakers one more time before the end of the regular season.

They could also possibly match up against one another in the play-in tournament, as Golden State and Los Angeles appear to have locked the No. 9 and No. 10 seeds.

Hopefully, their next bout/s will feature more fireworks and less of the issues that made their Saturday game a bit awful to watch.

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