EDF – Before Joel Embiid’s decision, France’s crazy dream with Wembanyama and Gobert!

While the French team dreams of winning gold at the next Olympic Games no matter what, Joel Embiid’s decision to join Team USA has ruined the staff’s plans. 

And the trio mentioned could make the competition dizzy.

It has now been several months since Joel Embiid made his decision to join Team USA in order to play the Olympic Games with them, as well as future competitions.

His participation this summer, however, remains a mystery because of his injury.

Remember that Embiid has been out for several weeks and that a return for the second week of the playoffs is being discussed, in April in the best case scenario.

The crazy Big Three imagined by France with Joel Embiid

Will Joel be physically capable of continuing?

That remains to be proven. France doesn’t mind whatever happens, a little disappointed by Embiid’s choice to play for Team USA.

It must be said that Vincent Collet and his staff already had an idea in mind with Victor Wembanyama and Rudy Gobert.

Enough to panic the competition…


France had planned to start Victor Wembanyama at wing alongside Joel Embiid and Rudy Gobert before Embiid joined Team USA.

Imagine the interior sector🤯

Wembanyama, Embiid and Gobert starting on the same roster?

Yes, we would clearly have liked to see that.

Three quite different players in the end, but above all renowned for their defense.

Frustrating we imagine for France, who could have done some serious damage with such a starting 5.


That would have been a pretty crazy lineup.


Wemby as a winger

Victor Wembanyama, Joel Embiid and Rudy Gobert in the same starting 5? 

France could have tried a little madness for the Olympic Games, enough to force Team USA and the others to prepare for the worst. 

Too bad this trio will never have the opportunity to see the light of day.

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