Draymond Green reveals how to effectively handle threat at 7’5 Victor Wembanyama: “I just did what I had to do, man. That’s…”

Following an all-round performance, Draymond Green decoded the Wemby threat.

The Golden State Warriors restricted the San Antonio Spurs and collected their 4th win in the road stretch.

The Dubs’ power forward came out as the star of the night, dropping 21 points with 11 assists.

Importantly, it also included 6 steals, making it hard for Spurs to get the ball moving to their big man, Victor Wembanyama.

During the post-game interview, Green revealed the antidote to stop Wembanyama on the court.

He said, “On the defensive end, just doing what I do, man.

We were switching a lot with Vic because of the problems that he creates.

I was switching on to the guards, just trying to have high hands to make tough passes.

When they are throwing the ball to Vic, they are gonna throw it up high because that’s where he can catch it, where no one else can.

Just wanted to have high hands and deflect the passes.”

Draymond Green made up for the time he lost during his last ejection against the Orlando Magic.

The unfortunate ejection triggered a rare emotion in Stephen Curry.

The superstar turned emotional and buried his face in his jersey, wiping his tears.

Even though the Dubs won the game, Steph had an off night.

However, Green threw everything into shambles with a season-high night.

The star teamed up with Steph and resurrected the team in the third quarter after a shaky first half.

He dropped 11 points in the 3rd quarter, helping the Dubs outscore the Spurs and took an 8-point lead.

Speaking of his offensive brilliance tonight, Green said, “I just thought I needed to be aggressive.

Coming in the second half, I just drove at him (Wemby). 

I just have to be aggressive, trying to get into his body to negate his shot block.”

Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs match player stats

Green took the fight to the opponent team’s best player and helped the team with a promising win.

Even though the Spurs are at the bottom of the West table, they have the potential to upset big teams.

Before entering the court tonight, Wemby & Co. shut down the NY Knicks in an overtime thriller.

However, Green didn’t let that happen to the Bay Area team.

He went after him and strangled the Spurs offense with his 6 steals. Moreover, the team recorded 15 steals in total, taking the home team completely off guard.

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