Despite the great expectations placed on him, Draymond Green still hesitated to comment on Wemby: “There is one core thing about Wembanyama that we all forget, which is…”

French NBA interiors Victor Wembanyama (left) and Rudy Gobert (right)

Victor Wembanyama is already a great NBA player despite not yet completing his first year in the league.

Despite the immense expectations about him, all observers agree on him, and some go quite far in the comparisons.

If we take away the fact that the Spurs still have one of the worst records in the NBA this season, Victor Wembanyama’s debut lives up to expectations.

The young Frenchman was presented as a potential GOAT by all observers before his arrival across the Atlantic, and he shows why every time he sets foot on the floor.

This week for example, he stood out by coming close to a quadruple-double against Nikola Jokic , who is nevertheless the favorite to win his third MVP title at the end of the year.

If he is already capable of doing so well after only a few months in the NBA, San Antonio’s No. 1 should reach a simply exceptional level at his prime.

Gilbert Arenas charmed by Victor Wembanyama!

Moreover, for Gilbert Arenas, Victor Wembanyama could well become the most dominant man the league has seen in a long time.

In any case, that’s what he explained in his last show, highlighting his crazy versatility.

There are few players who can alter a match both in attack and defense like the Frenchman.

We see what he does in attack, but I think he will especially dominate in defense.

We’re already seeing things that will put it above many interiors it’s compared to.

He should be first team All-Defense, he should be Defender of the Year, and I’m sure he’ll be in the running every year of his career.

When he gets smarter in the game and really understands how to defend in the NBA, it’s going to be hard not to vote for him.

Rudy Gobert will win by rotating at 2 blocks per match… Wemby will become a defensive monster and no one expected him at this level.

Next year it’s going to be terrifying. In fact, we concentrate so much on our offensive game that we forget the essentials.

The guy is a mix of Rudy Gobert and Ben Wallace, while knowing how to attack.

Gilbert Arenas agrees with Draymond Green’s latest analysis , Victor Wembanyama deserves to win the title of Defender of the Year this season!

For the former All-Star, the Frenchman will even have a chance of winning this trophy every year of his career as he is so dominant in his racket. This is what we call achieving unanimity.

Victor Wembanyama always had great defensive potential, but it was hard to imagine that he would already be at this level in his first year in the NBA.

Gilbert Arenas and others are already looking forward to seeing him next.

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