Debate Flares Up: Is Victor Wembanyama Deserving of Defender of the Year?

Called to collaborate this summer in the French team’s racket, Rudy Gobert and Victor Wembanyama find themselves currently on opposite sides in a heated discussion in the NBA. Two former champions, for example, got into arguments about them.

In a few months, their mission will be to develop automation and find the best possible carburetion side by side for the good of the French team. 

Rudy Gobert and Victor Wembanyama will then have the same goal, namely that of winning gold during the Paris Olympic Games. 

Until then, everyone rightly remains focused on the NBA season, in which they are performing wonders.

On the one hand, the experienced pivot largely contributes to the Timberwolves’ first place in the West. 

On the other hand, the young interior prodigy has had a sparkling rookie season in the ranks of Spurs, last in the conference. 

Collective contexts that are certainly totally opposed, but which do not prevent them from reaching the top in a race for the Defender of the Year trophy which is subject to debate.

The fiery exchange involving Rudy Gobert and Victor Wembanyama

Featured columnists for the Road Trippin’ podcast , Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson were recently asked to name their Defender of the Year. Enough to give rise to a big disagreement:

Channing Frye: Defender of the Year? Victor Wembanyama.

Richard Jefferson: I’m not going to give this trophy to a player who makes a lot of blocks in the worst team in the West.

For once, the poor results and poor collective defense of San Antonio are therefore lacking in Wembanyama. Jefferson thus used a comparison with Gobert to support his point of view:

Channing Frye: Already, the Spurs are only the 24th worst defense in the league. And it’s not Wembanyama’s fault!

Richard Jefferson: We need to stop saying that. Just because a player is the best player on his team is never his fault. Why would anyone give him this award? We’re already going to elect him Rookie of the Year and on top of that, should he be Defender of the Year? Knowing that Chet Holmgren and Rudy Gobert belong to teams that play for the first places in the Western Conference?

Channing Frye: Rudy plays with Jaden McDaniels and two and a half All-Stars!

You will have understood, the two elders did not manage to come to an agreement, even if Jefferson ended up putting a little water in his wine regarding Wemby:

Richard Jefferson: I have to say that the kid is very good on defense and deserves to end up on an All-Defensive Team. But making him Defender of the Year when he plays on the worst team in the West, under the pretext that it’s not his fault? No.

French NBA players Rudy Gobert (left) and Victor Wembanyama (right)

For Richard Jefferson, there is no question of considering Victor Wembanyama as a credible candidate for the title of Defender of the Year. This, unlike Rudy Gobert, who would however benefit from a much better supporting cast according to Channing Frye.

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