Bob Myers – the mastermind behind the Golden State Warriors dynasty cried to Stephen Curry after giving up his $10 million contract with the Warriors: “I don’t know, it’s too hard”

Bob Myers, the mastermind behind the Golden State Warriors dynasty, orchestrated the team to four championships and earned two NBA Executive of the Year accolades during his 11-year tenure as general manager.

Yet, when he decided to step down from his role last summer, it wasn’t relinquishing his over $10 million annual contract, which he was expected to make had he stayed with the team, or missing out on another championship that made it hard for him to leave the Warriors.

What truly tugged at his heartstrings was the realization that he wouldn’t be around Stephen Curry as much.

In a recent preview of his appearance on JJ Redick’s podcast The Old Man and The Three, set to drop tomorrow, Myers said, “When I decided I was leaving, I went to see him for dinner.

I cried when I told him I was done.

Mostly because I felt like I wasn’t going to get to see him every day.

Not because I’m giving up a chance to win a championship. It was none of that.

It was more like this person’s not going to be in my life as much as they used to be. And I’m doing this to myself.

Because he’s such a good person, such a good light. He’s a light that I got to show up and be around…I don’t know. It’s tough. I do miss him.”

However, as much as Myers adored Steph and wanted to be around him, he had to make that decision. Myers admitted that part of his desire to step away stemmed from his disdain for losing, combined with his inability to enjoy the victories.

“The scale wasn’t balancing for me because if you can’t enjoy the wins and the losses still p–s you off, that’s a bad kind of equation, so I was like I gotta get out of this and figure this out,” reflected Myers. But this is what differentiates Steph from most people.

Bob Myers sheds light on Stephen Curry’s leadership

The former Golden State GM also notes that during a rough stretch, Steph Curry is the glue that keeps the team’s spirits high.

“Magic Johnson and Stephen Curry, the reason they’re so revered and applauded and beloved, is because they had fun doing it…

I couldn’t say I laugh a lot when I play basketball, I wish. And so, then you’ve got Steph doing that, and what that does is, through the hard parts of the season or a playoff run, Steph keeps it light,” said Myers. This is one ability that Myers wishes he had—to have fun and enjoy the process as Steph does.

However, even someone as resilient as Curry can have tough days.

During the Golden State Warriors’ 101-93 win against the Orlando Magic, we witnessed a rare glimpse of Curry’s emotional side.

The turning point came when Draymond Green was ejected from the game just four minutes in after receiving two technical fouls for arguing with referee Ray Acosta.

Following Green’s departure, Curry appeared visibly peeved, struggling to hold back tears as he shook his head in dismay.

Despite this, Curry rallied, delivering a crucial three-pointer that sealed the victory for his team, showcasing his unwavering determination and leadership.

Since then, the Warriors have won every single match and are now riding a five-game winning streak, the longest in the league right now.

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