Babysitting Chef: Rex Chapman’s Unforgettable Tales with Young Stephen Curry

It isn’t unusual for dads to get together while watching a kid or two and gloating.

For Rex Chapman, the silliness of bragging probably hit when Stephen Curry was lifting his first championship trophy.

Rex often hung out with his Charlotte Hornets teammates Dell Curry and Muggsy Bogues while watching infant Steph.

The little 3-Point God probably doesn’t remember but Uncle Rex is regretting his goofiness almost three decades later.

While on VladTV, Rex Chapman recalled instances which he also mentioned in his memoir, It’s Hard for Me to Live with Me, about babysitting Stephen Curry.

A common theme during the his hangouts with Dell Curry and Muggsy Bogues was talking about how great they all are not knowing, “the best player out of all of you is the baby sitting next to you.”

He said that Dell and Muggsy would relegate him to the backseat on car rides.

Baby Steph would be seated next to him in his seat. In his defense, he says they weren’t bragging.

I’m sure we weren’t talking about how great we were but we’re probably listening to sports radio.” 

While the Kentucky alum and Muggsy were lottery picks, Dell was a first round pick.

They were filled with confidence then that they were phenomenal.

Who knew that toddler would make them look like yesterday’s news?

The idea that the baby sitting next to us would be the best player,” Chapman said and maybe elevated The Chef to that discussion. 

“Maybe in the world, ever or the greatest shooter ever or even an NBA player at all – it was not even something that you would think about.”

Wardell Stephen Curry II was born the same year the Hornets selected Rex Chapman in 1988.

The Curries lived “two doors down” in the same apartment complex and brought Steph over to his place.

Neither Dell nor Chapman and Bogues won a title.

But Uncle Rex did retain some fond memories of little Steph.

He had seen Steph play since he was young and probably wasn’t too surprised he’d lead the Warriors dynasty.

Rex Chapman’s babysitting diaries

Before Chapman left Charlotte for the Washington Bullets, he was the 19-year-old looking after baby Chef while Dell and Sonya Curry went on a movie date.

He didn’t mind because Sonya also parented the then-teen. At that time, his greatest fear was changing Steph’s dirty diaper.

His memoir though had some of the cutest baby Steph stories.

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