Angel Reese Getting Crushed for Turning Back on LSU Amid South Carolina Fight

Angel Reese Hair Pull Elbow
An ugly scene unfolded during the LSU vs. South Carolina SEC Tournament Championship on Sunday afternoon.

The two SEC juggernauts were involved in a major brawl late in the fourth quarter.

There were tense moments throughout the game, but emotions boiled over once the Tigers felt the game was out of reach.

LSU’s Flau’jae Johnson bumped a South Carolina player before USC’s Kamilla Cardoso decked Johnson to the ground.

Both benches cleared, leading to multiple fouls and ejections. One notable player was missing from the action, though.

LSU star Angel Reese was nowhere to be seen during the fight, and that’s because she turned her back on her teammates once the brawl started.

Some might argue Reese was smart to stay in the bench area. Others say she should have stepped in to defend her teammates. You be the judge.

Check this out:

Regardless of how you may feel about Reese’s behavior, most fans on social media are calling her out for turning her back on her LSU teammates.

What’s your opinion of Angel Reese’s lack of involvement in Sunday’s brawl?

LSU's Angel Reese

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