“An absolute beast”: LeBron tiny and in shock next to a 123kg monster!

NBA superstar LeBron James (left) looked very small next to another big name in US sport

Even though he is approaching forty, LeBron James is still one of the most athletic players in the NBA. However, he has had difficulty comparing himself with another US sports star recently… and he himself readily admitted it.

To display such longevity, it is better to be able to continue to rely on your physique, even at an advanced age. This is good for LeBron James , whose body has still not given up despite all the efforts it forces him to make on a daily basis. It must be said that he takes great care of it the rest of the time, and has done so since the start of his career. Few people can compare themselves to him in this regard.

The colossus who ridicules LeBron James’ build

To remain as formidable as he is on the NBA floor at 39 years old, James still does immense work from the shadows today. When he has the opportunity and especially the time, he never misses the opportunity to do a little workout. This can also be done in good company, as was the case recently. This is indeed what he revealed in an Instagram post:

US football fans will have recognized the famous Cleveland Browns defensive end and reigning NFL Defender of the Year, Myles Garrett. The latter had obviously stopped over in Los Angeles in recent days and decided to accompany LeBron for a little bodybuilding session. Enough to delight the leader of the Lakers, who proudly shared some images and accompanied them with a caption that says it all:

IRON SHARPENS IRON!! Big Brother & Big Little Brother give everything! I give him the example and more ✍🏾 📑 📚@flash_garrett 🤝🏾🫡🙏🏾👑. PS: I know you all already know this but it is an ABSOLUTE BEAST!!

It is true that you have to have a great physique to be the subject of such comments from LBJ. And the latter is obviously not the only one to be impressed:

LeBron is 2m06 tall and weighs 113kg and yet he looks VERY SMALL next to Myles🤯

Certainly smaller than LeBron James at 1m93, Myles Garrett and his 123kg would however almost make the King look like an average man at his side. And suffice to say that this performance is clearly not given to everyone!

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