After Wembanyama’s impressive clutch action! (VIDEO) Teammate lights up after match against Wemby: “There is only one word that can describe him right now, that is…

French NBA player from the San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama

Rather accustomed to shining offensively and especially defensively, Victor Wembanyama showed off his passing qualities this Friday. A teammate really appreciated it.

Very close to the triple-double, Victor Wembanyama did another great job this Friday evening against the Pelicans.

Although well defended by his opponents, who were very aggressive throughout the game, the Frenchman was forced to modify his game.

Rather than force his shot, Wemby decided to share the ball much more often.

Victor Wembanyama praised for his new role

The result is visible, since the Spurs won 111-109 at the finish against New Orleans. Wembanyama?

He finished with 9 passes, with only one missing to sign a new TD in his career.

Not bad for the person concerned, quickly praised for his qualities as a passer on the pitch. This is what Sandro Mamukelashvili explained at a press conference.

Sandro on Wemby’s selflessness : “The best thing about Vic is he loves to pass the ball.

Even if sometimes he doesn’t make his shot, every time you’re open he won’t be a selfish player looking to take another shot. He will give you the ball and trust you. »

This was seen against the Pelicans, with Wembanyama being very altruistic and fully trusting his partners.

With 7 players with more than 13 points, we can say that the result is there.

A trend which is also confirmed in terms of statistics, since Wembanyama passes the ball even more often in recent matches.

Proof that the Frenchman can shine in many areas.

This is Wemby’s fifth game in a row with 5 or more assists. He recorded an average of 7 during this period.

Victor Wembanyama smuggler? It’s serious business at Spurs, as fans and players have seen over the past few weeks.

A real headache for the defenses, who no longer know what to do to slow down the Frenchman.

The counter to victory for Victor Wembanyama

Long discreet and manhandled by the Pelicans defense, Victor Wembanyama was nevertheless invaluable in the victory this Friday evening. And he strikes again in the DPOY.

Should we appoint Victor Wembanyama as DPOY despite 18 victories this season? The debate continues among fans, as the Spurs player continues to gain votes. The fact is that his defense makes a huge difference for Gregg Popovich’s men, as we saw this Friday night against the Pelicans.

Used to dropping big offensive matches in recent weeks, Wemby finished with only 17 points, 5/12 shooting. Not a lot of misses for the Frenchman, but rather an aggressive defense from the Pelicans. As soon as Victor found himself with the ball, Herb Jones and company did not hesitate to defend him with two to force him to let go.

Wembanyama makes Spurs win again

A huge pressure so to speak, forcing Wemby to show his passing skills.

He finished with 12 rebounds, 9 assists and 3 blocks, coming close to a new triple-double in his young career. Better ?

The victory 111-109, with a decisive action in the last seconds: the victory counter for the Frenchman.

Victor Wembanyama counters to preserve the advantage in front of the Pelicans😱

A counter quite impressive to see and especially clutch, since the Spurs regained possession straight away, before validating this victory from the free throw line. For a journalist, this is one more advantage in this DPOY race.

And this defensive action by Victor Wembanyama in the finale proves that he deserves the DPOY this season

Victor Wembanyama soon DPOY? End of season or not, the Frenchman continues to score points in any case, and with victory as a bonus. The opportunity to finish in style for Gregg Popovich’s men.

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