After the loss to Spurs without Wembanyama, Kevin Durant could not control his words and blurted out harsh words: “Unacceptable, that…

Victor Wembanyama and Kevin Durant

Once again, the Spurs, although deprived of Victor Wembanyama, created a surprise this Monday by winning against the Suns (104-102). 

As for him, Kevin Durant was unable to prevent this rout and therefore expressed his frustration after the match.

On paper, such a poster seems completely unbalanced. And yet, the Spurs twice managed to achieve the feat against the Suns at the very start of the season. 

The latter, however, were able to take revenge last Saturday by winning a crushing victory in San Antonio.

But in the end, it was Gregg Popovich’s men who had the last word by triumphing over their opponents this Monday (104-102).

Kevin Durant slams Suns’ new setback against San Antonio

While Victor Wembanyama was rested following his minor injury to his left ankle, the Spurs of Devin Vassell and Jeremy Sochan were able to come together to achieve this major success. 

Obviously disappointed by his team’s performance, Kevin Durant (29 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists) did not mince his words when delivering his analysis, reported by Duane Rankin of Arizona Central :

We should have played with more intensity, we weren’t concentrated enough. 

They made some important baskets at the end of the game and I think they had good momentum at the end of the 3rd quarter. 

They hurt us during this period, the scenario was in their favor at this moment of the match. 

We then regained the lead, but they had momentum again at the end of the 4th quarter.

It’s true that we couldn’t communicate well at times. 

We also forced certain actions, which caused us to lose a few balls. 

We always respect our opponents regardless of their record, especially when it is a back-to-back match. 

They make adjustments, they play hard and try to win so I give them credit for this victory. But it is unacceptable to have lost again.

We beat them last night.

 We had to start the match in a better way.

 We quickly fell behind by 10 points so we clearly need to do better. 

We will learn from this defeat and continue to move forward.

 Our next meetings will be complicated with the playoffs coming up so we must improve and learn from our mistakes.

Despite his good individual performance, Durant was therefore not able to offer a 4th success in a row which would have done good in the race for the playoffs. 

Consequently, the Suns (42-30) have fallen back to 8th place in the West and that doesn’t say anything worth considering their schedule, they who will travel in the coming days to Denver, Oklahoma City and New -Orléans.

Clearly, it seems that the Spurs are the bane of the Suns. Without Victor Wembanyama, the Texans won the victory ahead of Kevin Durant and his teammates. 

A new fiasco which logically did not leave the Slim Reaper unmoved.

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