After being injured in the match against Spurs-Kings, will he be able to recover in time to join the team in the upcoming matches? Gregg Popovich talks about Victor Wembanyama’s injury

Gregg Popovich và Victor Wembanyama

Hit during the game against the Rockets earlier in the week, Victor Wembanyama returned to San Antonio for treatment. He risks missing a few meetings according to Gregg Popovich’s admission.

Hindered by a painful shoulder at the start of the week, Victor Wembanyama was finally able to play against the Rockets. 

Unfortunately during this game, the Frenchman injured his ankle, without him saying anything to the staff, since he wanted to continue playing to try to obtain victory. Without success.

Bad news for Victor Wembanyama

Absent against the Kings this Thursday evening, Wemby will not be present against the Warriors on Saturday either, as Gregg Popovich has just announced to the media before crossing paths with Sacramento. 


The Frenchman even returned to San Antonio (Houston being very close), just to take stock with the medical staff. So he is not with his

Pop thinks Victor Wembanyama will miss the next two games – tonight against the Kings and Saturday against the Warriors – after his injury and should be ready to play Monday against the Warriors at home.

We are therefore not heading towards a big absence at first glance, but enough to cause Wemby to miss a few matches. As usual, we know that the Spurs medical staff does not want to take the slightest risk with their player.

During the same conference, Popovich confirmed that no one saw Victor get injured during the game against Houston. They then discovered it:

Pop states that Victor didn’t say much during the game, so the team didn’t realize how embarrassed he was against the Rockets. “But we were able to watch the videos and see that he wasn’t moving very well. So he’s taking care of it now. He’ll probably miss both games and hopefully he’ll be ready on Monday.”

SACRAMENTO, Calif. —  Victor Wembanyama is likely to miss the remainder of the  San Antonio Spurs’ road trip with a right ankle sprain, head coach Gregg Popovich said Thursday night.

The Spurs take on the Kings on Thursday before facing the Golden State Warriors on Saturday night in San Francisco.

Wembanyama is not with the Spurs in Sacramento. After Tuesday night’s game in Houston, he returned to San Antonio.

“He’ll probably miss these two games and hopefully be ready for Monday,” Popovich said.

The Spurs host the Warriors in San Antonio on Monday.

Wembanyama was listed as questionable for the Rockets game on Tuesday with left shoulder soreness but was cleared to play. During the game, however, he tweaked his right ankle and was also favoring his right hip.

He left the bench area with 3:24 left in the second quarter to get retaped and played his normal minutes allotment in the second half. He did not attempt a shot after halftime, however, and didn’t look the same defensively.

“He didn’t say a whole lot, so we didn’t realize that he was hampered by that really at the time,” Popovich said. “When you looked at the film after, you could see that he wasn’t moving very well. So he’s taking care of it now.”

Thursday was the seventh game the rookie has missed. If he doesn’t play against the Warriors on Saturday, it will be the first time all season he misses consecutive games.

No Victor Wembanyama this Saturday evening against the Warriors, unless there is a surprise, while the Frenchman should find his place in the squad next week. A small warning without seriousness for the former Mets.

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