A surprising discovery about Victor Wembanyama’s defensive performance after the All-Star Break

Wembanyama gets closer to his goal: I want to be a decisive player | Marca

Rookie or not, Victor Wembanyama dominates the entire league in a very specific statistic, and has been doing so for a while. But it has taken on yet another dimension since the All-Star Break.

Currently injured, Victor Wembanyama will not return for a few days with Spurs.

His return is expected next week against the Warriors, where he hopes to return to victory.

It must be said that the Frenchman is a game changer for Gregg Popovich’s men.

This is the case offensively, but especially defensively, an area where his size makes a huge difference.

Victor Wembanyama lấy lại phong độ, chơi công thủ toàn diện trước Portland  Trail Blazers

The area where Wembanyama crushes the competition

At 2m24, Wemby is a problem for his opponents, especially since he is able to move very quickly.

A nightmare for attackers, so much so that Victor is now the leader in terms of counterattacks (3.4 on average per match).

But this statistic has taken on another dimension since the famous All-Star Break.

Highest total blocks per match since the All-Star Break: 5.3 – Wemby…………. 2.9 – Gobert

When we say that Wembanyama has been blowing up the scoreboards for a few weeks, we’re not kidding.

The Frenchman is a pleasure to see and it is not for nothing that some hope to see him win the title of defender of the year.

Recording averages of 5 blocks per match is crazy

Why is DPOY a debate? I don’t care if the other Spurs have bad defense, the kid is a problem

If some want to make Victor Wembanyama’s case for the DPOY title, this statistic is certainly interesting. The Frenchman is causing quite a stir in the NBA.

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