NBA – Bilal Coulibaly cash on Victor Wembanyama: “I’m not…

NBA Bilal Coulibaly and Victor Wembanyama

NBAIn great form with his Spurs, Victor Wembanyama continues to impress observers with his prowess. Bilal Coulibaly, in a recent interview, took stock of his counterpart and friend.

While Victor Wembanyama panics the counters at Spurs, Bilal Coulibaly is having a slightly more difficult season with his Wizards. Not a starter from the start, the Frenchman only found his place in the 5 major recently, while Jordan Poole returned to the bench. Unfortunately for him, Bilal was injured recently and missed a few matches.

Bilal Coulibaly talks about Victor Wembanyama

A little alert for the Frenchman, who should return soon, determined to find his place at the Wizards. He remains happy with his experience so far, convinced that the years to come will be great. What do you have in common with Victor? The fact that he plays in one of the worst teams in terms of record. He spoke on this subject to journalist Mark Medina.

Bilal Coulibaly : “We know that for my part, we are in reconstruction. Everyone has experienced this. OKC and Orlando experienced this, and now they are at the top of the league. This is why I stay focused. I know we will get better. And Wemby is just doing his thing. He tries to grow with his team, becoming better game after game. This is what we want. »

Patience is required for these young players, who will have to wait a few years before they have a chance to shake up the existing hierarchy within their conference. The good news ? Both have the talent and the mentality for it. Bilal also spoke in more depth about Wemby:

Bilal on Victor : “I’m not surprised by what he achieves. I knew he was going to be this good. He knows what he wants, he does the necessary work. I’m not surprised. (…) To team up with him again (for Rising Stars) it was cool. I had a lot of flashbacks from our previous season. It was cool to play with him again, even if it was only for two minutes. »

Bilal Coulibaly and Victor Wembanyama certainly have a bright future in the NBA, while some hope that they will become teammates again one day. For now, both are focused on their respective teams.

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