NBA – “Imagine their mother”: Steve Kerr’s viral comments on Victor and Oscar Wembanyama

While Victor Wembanyama is splashing the NBA floors with his talent, his little brother, Oscar, is also starting to make a name for himself on the other side of the Atlantic. 

Steve Kerr notably spoke about it recently and mentioned… their mother.

Seeing siblings play in the NBA is relatively common in history.

Moreover, no less than 13 have been recorded this season alone. Next year, LeBron James could even face or team up with his son, Bronny.

However, no potential family duo has attracted more attention in recent days than the one that would bring together Victor and Oscar Wembanyama in the league.

Steve Kerr frightened by Victor and Oscar Wembanyama

For now, only Victor Wembanyama has managed to make his way to the NBA, where he seems destined to stay for many years.

His rookie season is indeed extremely satisfactory with a multitude of highlights already to his credit.

Recently, however, it was he who suffered a viral poster against the Warriors . Guest of the Rich Eisen Show , Steve Kerr reacted and expressed his disbelief:

There has never been anyone like Victor, with this size and this technique.

Trayce’s dunk the other day was simply one of the plays of the year.

I don’t know how Trayce managed to get over Victor. I didn’t know it was humanly possible.

However, do not believe that the Golden State coach limited himself to this single intervention on the young French interior

Former assistant to Gregg Popovich at Spurs, Kerr still has an excellent relationship with him and was therefore able to reveal indiscretions about Wemby:

Pop and I are great friends and he remains a mentor to me.

I asked him about Wembanyama and he loves it.

He thinks he’s really progressing and he thinks he’s going to become a great, great player.

Promises of a brilliant future which could also be the subject of Oscar, 16 years old and Victor’s little brother.

A member of the ASVEL youth teams, the latter saw his rating skyrocket in the United States following his appearance in a mock draft .

Coach Kerr himself was asked about his case and the extraordinary physique that he shares with his elder and gave a hilarious response:

Imagine their mother who had to feed them both… It can’t have been easy!

The woman named Élodie de Fautereau can in any case consider herself happy from now on, she who could very soon see her two sons flourish in the most prestigious basketball league in the world.

Instead of raving about their possible future association in the NBA, Steve Kerr preferred to imagine the difficulty of raising and feeding two freaks such as Victor and Oscar Wembanyama.

 It was probably better that the fridge was actually well stocked!

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