NBA – Wembanyama’s replacement cashes on his absence: “I shouldn’t say it, but…

Victor Wembanyama and his Spurs teammate Dominick Barlow

The absence of Victor Wembanyama in recent days is not necessarily a handicap for the Spurs, who have nothing more to play for this season. On the contrary, it is an opportunity for some to reveal themselves in his absence. This is particularly the case of a young person who was candid on the subject.

Despite the immense concerns on this subject, Victor Wembanyama was rather spared from injuries during his rookie season.

So obviously, the Spurs medical staff has taken great precautions since day one, he is left to rest during certain matches, but overall his body is holding up. His physical adaptation is as impressive as his sporting adaptation.

Because he is not invincible, he still missed his team’s last meeting against the Warriors due to a small sprained ankle, which did not prevent San Antonio from winning at general surprise.

It must be said that his replacement, very little used by Gregg Popovich until now, was very surprising. This is called seizing your opportunity.

Dominick Barlow cashes Victor Wembanyama

Integrated into the rotation to replace Zach Collins, holder in the absence of Victor Wembanyama, Dominick Barlow was an essential pawn in the victory for the Spurs with his 19 points, 8 rebounds including 5 offensive, and 4 assists.

He explained why the absence of the Frenchman had allowed him to put out such a performance. Everything would be mental for the young inside.

I shouldn’t say his absence makes my job any easier, but it’s the truth.

You know you’re going to play and it’s easier to stay mentally focused.

Even when I’m not playing, I’m focused on the match, you never know, a guy could have foul problems.

There may be an injury too. You have to be ready.

But when you know that you are going to play for sure, in the morning, you think more about the match, you prepare yourself for a more important role.

You’re not surprised to play, so you’re more comfortable.

When Victor Wembanyama is in good shape, Dominick Barlow knows full well that he will not play, or very little in the final minutes.

With the tricolor’s small ankle injury, he was able to mentally prepare in the morning to face the Warriors.

He seized his opportunity perfectly with his 19 points and 8 rebounds!

Dominick Barlow knows he’s going to play when Victor Wembanyama isn’t there, so he prepares a little differently mentally. It’s up to him to find the formula to be so sharp even when he doesn’t expect to take the field.

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