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Michael Jackson and Madonna are considered the king and queen of Pop music, legends of contemporary music. The two developed a relationship when they shared the same management company, Freddy Demann, and had many music products together.
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The moment Michael Jackson and Madonna were together at the 1991 Oscars will forever be one of the most beautiful red carpet moments in the world of entertainment.

When they were close, Michael Jackson and Madonna often appeared together, becoming the focus of public opinion because of their beautiful and impressive moments. Among them is a series of couple photos on the 1991 Oscar red carpet of the two artists.

The luxurious appearance and star charisma of the two artists on the red carpet is still one of the most impressive red carpet moments in the history of the largest film awards ceremony on the planet.

At that time, Madonna was at the peak of her beauty with shiny blonde hair, a sexy face and a seductive bust. The “King of Pop” appeared with a romantic image, a face that had not undergone too much plastic surgery and a radiant smile.

Being close at work, Michael Jackson and Madonna soon developed feelings. This information was confirmed by Madonna herself in an interview in 2016. She admitted that she and the late star once kissed and were lovers for a time. The person who took the initiative in the relationship was the Queen of Pop because her friend at that time was quite shy.
Unknown stories about the special relationship between Michael Jackson and Madonna - 2In 1991, Michael Jackson and Madonna were famous young stars in the world.

In many interviews and TV shows in the 90s, the two famous stars always had the best words for each other.

“I fell madly in love with him, completely losing my mind. He is truly a very talented person. The songs he performed were not childish at all. The moment he started singing when he was just a kid. Being 8 years old can make you feel like an adult is squeezing your heart…

His music has layers of magic that not only make you want to dance, but make you believe that you can fly, dare to dream, and be whoever you want to be.” Pop once praised his famous colleague’s outstanding talent.
Unknown story about the special relationship between Michael Jackson and Madonna - 3Michael Jackson and Madonna collaborated on many projects, finding a common voice in life.




The strange relationship between Michael Jackson and Madonna

Madonna entered the music world and began to attract attention when Michael Jackson was already a star thanks to the success of his family band Jackson 5.

“I met him in the early 1980s, when I had just started working with Freddy DeMann, who was also managing Michael Jackson at the time. I saw him play at Madison Square Garden and I was overwhelmed with emotion. That night Then we met again at a party at the Helmsley Palace Hotel. He was very shy and I was really nervous,” Madonna recounted.

Music and similarities in life brought two hearts closer together. Madonna admitted: “There was a time when we dated. He wanted to work with me, I think he wanted to understand me better and so did I.” However, Madonna repeatedly emphasized that her feelings for Michael Jackson were more than simple love.
Unknown story about the special relationship between Michael Jackson and Madonna - 4Madonna admitted that she and the “King of Pop” once kissed and dated.

Like many other young couples, they pair up at events, have dinner together, go for walks, and make music products. They have been praised as a beautiful couple in the world’s entertainment industry for a long time.

The love affair that was closely followed by the world media at that time did not last too long. The reason was due to the pop queen’s disparaging statement about Michael Jackson’s special fashion style. She suggested that her friend should pursue a new style and this touched Michael Jackson’s pride.

Michael Jackson felt humiliated so he did not want to continue chatting with Madonna. An insider said that the King of Pop was “extremely angry” when Madonna “dared” to downplay the style that made him famous.
Unknown story about the special relationship between Michael Jackson and Madonna - 5Couple images of Michael Jackson and Madonna occupied the world media for a long time.

Madonna’s refusal to go to Disneyland, the King of Pop’s favorite entertainment place, was also the push that broke the relationship between the two. Disagreements caused Michael Jackson to take the initiative in ending the relationship with Madonna.

Recently, a recording from August 2000 to April 2001 of Michael Jackson was revealed. In it, the late star shares his views on life, love and the turmoil in his childhood.

The 30-hour audio tape of the short-lived star and a psychotherapy consultant also revealed the relationship between the late star and his old friend, Madonna.
Unknown story about the special relationship between Michael Jackson and Madonna - 6However, the good relationship between Michael Jackson and Madonna ended in silence and public surprise.

“She is a kind person,” Michael Jackson affirmed. According to the Heal The World singer , he and Madonna ended their friendship when Michael realized that Madonna was behaving inappropriately towards him. Madonna declined the invitation to go to Disneyland and suggested going to a restaurant for a meal and then to a strip bar. This is not Michael Jackson’s choice.

“I refused to go to a strip bar. I didn’t like it and told her, ‘Forget everything.’ Then she said some bad things about me in the newspaper. I called her “A witch after all the nice things I did to her,” Michael Jackson told the therapist.

In 2009, Michael Jackson passed away at his home in 2009, less than a month before the “King of Pop”‘s big show scheduled to be held in England. Although the secret love affair as well as the good relationship between the two artists soon ended in silence, Madonna still has a lot of love when talking about her ex.
Unknown story about the special relationship between Michael Jackson and Madonna - 7After many years of being ignored, Madonna still has the sweetest and most respectful words to say about her old friend – Michael Jackson.

At the 2009 VMA Awards, when asked about Michael Jackson, Madonna emotionally shared: “It’s good to have a peaceful childhood, to be able to identify yourself before being influenced by the words of others.” . That’s when you can make mistakes because of your naivety, and then after that, you can be more confident. But Michael Jackson is different. He wasn’t that lucky to start out like that.”

“I think he always felt insecure about other people paying too much attention to him, as well as loving and hating the job he was doing,” she shared about Michael Jackson’s short life.

Madonna also affirmed that Michael Jackson had almost no close friends during his famous life. In the last 10 years of his life, the famous star was ostracized and shunned by everyone because of his different behavior.

“Many people have said a lot of wrong things about me, so I never believed the accusations against him. Maybe, my friend didn’t know how to handle them and it ruined his career and reputation.” his,” she added.
Unknown story about the special relationship between Michael Jackson and Madonna - 8Michael Jackson died in June 2009 at the age of 50.

Madonna said that the pop legend’s life was a tragedy because when he was alive, many people did not appreciate him.

“He is truly a king. But he is also a human being. And we are all human! Sometimes we have to suffer loss to realize that they are truly precious,” The famous female singer shared.

When he was alive, Michael Jackson was investigated for pedophilia and was proven innocent by the court. However, many years have passed, and the pop star’s pedophilia case has been turned over and over again by the media, mentioned in many documentaries about the famous star’s life.

But, Madonna affirmed, she trusted her friend. “I don’t tend to impose guilt on others. I myself have suffered many baseless accusations. Michael Jackson is still innocent if the court does not convict him,” she said in an interview last year. 2019. The female singer also said that most accusations against celebrities stem from economic reasons.
Unknown story about the special relationship between Michael Jackson and Madonna - 9Madonna is currently 63 years old and is still constantly working in art. She is one of the most influential artists in the world’s young music industry.

Michael Jackson is now in the afterlife, but the musical works of the “King of Pop” still have timeless value. Michael Jackson died in 2009 at his home of a drug overdose. The doctor who treated the pop star at that time was convicted of manslaughter.

Madonna is currently 63 years old and still active in art. She is still one of the leading and powerful voices of the world’s entertainment industry. Madonna is continuously named on VH1’s list of the world’s most powerful artists, MTV and Billboard’s list of the world’s best performing artists of all time.

Rolling Stone magazine also included Madonna in the list of 100 greatest artists in the world and 100 best musicians in the world. Regarding her personal life, the 63-year-old star has gone through two failed marriages and is dating a boyfriend who is 36 years younger. She has 6 children, most of whom are adopted.
Unknown stories about the special relationship between Michael Jackson and Madonna - 10After two divorces, the 63-year-old star is happy with her 27-year-old boyfriend, Ahlamalik Williams.

Unknown stories about the special relationship between Michael Jackson and Madonna - 11The sweet moment of Madonna and her 27-year-old boyfriend on vacation in Italy was just captured by reporters in September 2021.

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