Revealing about Michael Jackson’s daughter’s boyfriend and their dressing style |T

Michael Jackson’s daughter and her boyfriend love wild style

The hippie style is pursued by both of them every time they walk together.


Paris Jackson publicly dated singer Gabriel Glenn. Not only are they compatible in love, the two also have many common interests, including fashion.


The couple loves the hippie style. They always appear together in outfits with a wild, liberal spirit.

Gabriel Glenn has long hair, grows a beard, wears wooden beads, and wears ripped jeans. His girlfriend often combines many items such as paisley-patterned skirts or pants, patchwork pants, cotton skirts, colorful flat beads, nose rings…

Paris favors fringed suede gilets. She often pairs it with flared jeans and a crop top when walking around with her boyfriend.

This style of wearing is repeated, with differences in the inner shirt and shoes.

The two outfits create cheerful colors and have a loose fit typical of hippies.

On another occasion, they walked side by side in a multi-layered look. Paris paired embroidered floral pants with a colorful shirt tied in the front, a linen armpit shirt inside, and a bunny-eared mane. Her boyfriend used a denim shirt as a jacket for a T-shirt with a human face pattern inside.

Paris Jackson has always been loyal to hippies. Meanwhile, Gabriel Glenn occasionally changes things up with basic items including T-shirts, straight-leg pants, bomber jackets and sneakers.

The two scored points by wearing matching outfits with deep brown and red tones and wearing similar necklaces. Gabriel chose a paisley shirt with the buttons open, ripped pants and leather boots. Paris wore a suede outfit including a fringed gilet and flared pants. The hippie look is bolder with wide-brimmed hats and big, round granny-style glasses.

The lovebirds both wore black sets with 1990s-style leather jackets.

Attending a party, the model born in 1998 wore a silk dress with floral patterns and a woven leather jacket. She is still attached to the wild necklace. The male singer chose a torn sweater with matching pants.


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