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Here’s Why Taylor Swift Trademarked the Phrase ‘Female Rage: The Musical’


Taylor Swift recently trademarked the phrase “Female Rage: The Musical,” raising questions about what she intends to do with it.

Swift is known for dropping surprises on her fans, such as switching up her Eras Tour after the release of The Tortured Poets Department or revealing The Tortured Poets Department was actually a double album on the night of its release.



Since her newest album has been swiftly breaking records on Spotify and climbing all the music charts, fans have been waiting to see what her next move will be. When the trademark news broke, many Swifties rejoiced and took it as the singer’s way of announcing a Taylor Swift Broadway show was in the works. However, there is another explanation for the trademark.



Female Rage: The Musical connects to the Eras Tour
Swift’s Female Rage: The Musical is actually related to the Eras Tour. While the tour has gained much traction as the highest-grossing concert tour of all time, it went on a brief hiatus so that the singer could release and promote The Tortured Poets Department.



After the short break, Swift returned to the Eras Tour on May 9, touching down in Paris, France. Since it was her first Eras Tour performance after The Tortured Poets Department was released, she decided to switch things up a bit.

Swift created an additional section for her Eras Tour concerts, in which she performs several tracks from her new album. She decided to give the new section a special name: Female Rage: The Musical.



In an X post, the singer confirmed that Female Rage: The Musical is now a special part of her Eras Tour performances and expressed her delight at being able to surprise Paris with the new section. She promised that, going forward, she’ll be playing the section for “every crowd on tour.”

Swift didn’t need to trademark Female Rage: The Musical if it’s only a nickname for a portion of her performance in the Eras Tour. The most plausible explanation is that Swifties are about to be hit with a plethora of Female Rage: The Musical merch.



The Cut also noted how, immediately following the announcement of the addition to the Eras Tour, many independent creators on Etsy and similar sites began creating merch with the phrase. It’s possible that Swift quickly trademarked it to ensure only she could utilize and profit from the phrase.

As of now, there is no indication that Swift or her team are actually planning to make a Swift-themed musical for the stage. She could utilize the title for another concert film if she wished, especially since her highly profitable Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour didn’t include the new section.



For now, the phrase appears to be limited to merch and the Eras Tour live performances, but it remains to be seen if Swift will choose to do more with it down the line.

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