VIDEO Detail: UCLA Head Coach Loses Her Mind On The Sideline As Angel Reese Escapes A Tech After Swearing At The Bruins Bench

VIDEO: UCLA Head Coach Loses Her Mind On The Sideline As Angel Reese Escapes A Tech After Swearing At The Bruins Bench


Photo of Cori Close speaking to referee and photo of Angele Reese running off the court
The LSU Tigers are headed back to the Elite Eight after a 78-69 win over the UCLA Bruins in their Sweet 16 matchup on Saturday, and it wasn’t without some controversy.

Angel Reese fouled out of the game with three minutes left but managed to get under Bruins head coach Cori Close’s skin before getting off the floor. The Tigers star picked up a sixth foul nearing the end of the contest and had some choice words for the UCLA bench while walking off.

“That’s soft A- S-, the F- you talking about?” she was seen mouthing towards the opposing bench.

Surprisingly enough, the WNBA-bound star did not get a tech, much to the disappointment of Close, who went ballistic on the sideline.

Angel Reese was also seen telling Close to “watch your mouth” after the game, though she denied it when speaking to the media, claiming she was responding to “another coach who was talking crazy.”

Emmanuel Acho retracts criticism of LSU star Angel Reese, but…

Previously hit out at Reese for portraying herself as a villain

Reese and LSU



Emmanuel Acho has retracted his insightful remarks regarding LSU star Angel Reese. After LSU’s Elite-8 lossAcho criticized Reese for portraying herself as a villain in college basketball but failing to maintain that persona when faced with defeat.

He held her accountable for shedding tears at the post-game podium, contrasting her desire to be seen as tough with her emotional display.

Acho’s comments

Despite initially standing by his remarks, Acho later thanked his critics and expressed a desire to start a dialogue. However, some viewed this as a retreat in the face of backlash, undermining the importance of holding individuals accountable regardless of their gender or race.

“I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who has respectfully reprimanded me and offered brilliant opinions on the Angel Reese conversation,” Acho said.

“I do not believe there is any one way to think about things.”

“I understand. I think life is all about understanding. And so I just want to applaud those publicly, you watching, and those privately who have respectfully – the operative word there being respectfully – who have respectfully reprimanded me.

“So I thank all of you all for that. I do not stand on a hill saying, ‘I am right, and you are wrong.’ I simply stand on a place saying, ‘Hey this is what I believe. What do you believe? Let’s listen to one another and construct a collective belief.’ So love to everybody who has respectfully reprimanded me and I appreciate it so so so very much.”

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