Travis Kelce’s former Girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, sent a classy Message to Kylie Kelce, causing Taylor Swift to be caught off guard, fans are constantly worried about the singer

Travis Kelce’s Former Girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, Sent A Classy Message To Kylie Kelce


Kayla Nicole posing in red
Some Travis Kelce fans were surprised to see Kayla Nicole in Kylie Kelce’s comments section on Instagram.

Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend Kayla Nicole uplifted Kylie Kelce after the heartbreaking death of her dog.

On March 15th, the wife of recently retired Philadelphia Eagles player, Jason Kelce, shared the devastating news that she her and husband’s beloved dog, Winn, had passed away.

“When I was in high school I had a folder on my desktop labeled ‘Gods gift to earth.’ It was images of Irish Wolfhouds [sic] that I had collected from Google,” Kylie wrote alongside a series of photos of Winn, including a sweet shot from her wedding day. “I had fallen in love with the breed when I was a young and never let my fascination with them fade. It all lead me to Winnie and holy shit did she live up to the hype. She was everything I had hoped for in a wolfie and more.”

She continued, “I lost part of my soul today, but I know she is at peace. I love you, Winn. You will always be my firstborn child.”

Travis Kelce responded to the post with words of comfort and support, writing, “You [gave] Winn an amazing life Ky!!”

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Many fans were in shock when they saw Kayla Nicole in the comments as well, considering she and Travis Kelce split in May 2022.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are one of the most talked about couples since they first started dating in the summer of 2023.

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Kelce is coming off yet another Super Bowl victory with the Kansas City Chiefs. Kelce has 984 receiving yards this season, leaving him just 16 yards short of his eighth-consecutive 1,000-yard season, according to

Kayla Nicole Got Trolled In The Days Following Travis Kelce Dating Taylor Swift

For weeks, Kayla Nicole stayed quiet on social media as Travis Kelce embarked on his new relationship with Taylor Swift.

In the world of celebrity relationships, every move, glance, and gesture is subject to intense scrutiny. Because Kayla and Travis were out in public so much, many fans started to compare her and Taylor Swift for no reason.

Her body was even compared to the pop star for no apparent reason.

Some argued that Kelce never looked at Nicole the same way he looks at Swift, suggesting that the NFL star may actually be in love this time around.

Kelce’s former girlfriend noticeably unfollowed the athlete’s teammate Patrick Mahomes and his wife, Brittany, as a way to protect her mental health and it seems she made the right decision.

Travis Kelce’s ex Kayla Nicole combats ‘backlash and embarrassment’ in powerful open letter

Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend Kayla Nicole penned a powerful open letter amid the athlete’s budding romance with Taylor Swift.

The 31-year-old clapped back at the “backlash and embarrassment” she has received while reading the lengthy statement in an Instagram video Monday.

She addressed her words to “Black women, specifically,” explaining that her aim was “not to create division but to elevate and unite” listeners.

“They may call you a traitor for falling in love,” Nicole, who dated Kelce on and off from 2017 to 2022, began. “You’ll hope the ones closest will protect you but quickly realize people don’t protect what they don’t value.

“They’ll say you’re too much … and in the same breath, tell you you’re not enough,” she continued. “Not successful enough, not wholesome enough, maybe not even intelligent enough. … They’ll even try to tie your value to your net worth.”

Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole at 2022 NFL Honors
Travis Kelce’s ex Taylor Nicole addressed “backlash” amid his Taylor Swift romance.Penske Media via Getty Images

Kayla Nicole
The model shared a powerful open letter via Instagram.iamkaylanicole/Instagram

Kayla Nicole
“I have to remind myself that I am, have been and will always be more than enough,” she said.iamkaylanicole/Instagram
Nicole encouraged her followers not to “participate in this tumultuous, often one-sided journey” and not “engage.”

She explained, “Preserve your heart even when they try to quantify your character and test your boundaries. … You do not have to respond. Because there is power in your silence.”

The model added that while she has been tempted to ask “Why me?” lately, she won’t “give into this demoralizing and antiquated narrative” by clapping back.

Kayla Nicole
She also highlighted the “power” in her silence.
“I know I’m not alone,” she said. “On days I feel most inadequate, I have to remind myself that I am, have been and will always be more than enough.

“When the world gets dark and time gets hard and you feel like your back is against the wall and your hands are tied and nobody knows what it’s like to be you … this is only a small chapter in your story,” Nicole concluded, stressing the important of “therapy, prayer [and] community.”

The on-air host’s followers praised her in the comments for the “beautiful, empowering, bold, authentic” letter.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift
The social media upload comes after Kelce and Swift went public.Jarrett Payton / X
One gushed, “i’m so proud of you!!! the elegance, the grace, the power!!! such an inspiration.”

Nicole’s social media upload came two weeks after Kelce, 34, and Swift, 33, went public with their romance by leaving the Sept. 24 Kansas City Chiefs versus Chicago Bears game together.

While Nicole maintained her silence at the time — and again when the Grammy winner attended Kelce’s game against the New York Jets the following week — she did unfollow Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany Mahomes, after her former close friend hung out with Swift.

Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole at 2018 ESPYS
Nicole dated Kelce on and off from 2017 to 2022.FilmMagic

She also posted a cryptic Story last week about her gym time being a “therapy session.”

Another of the NFL player’s exes Maya Benberry told the Daily Mail in September that Swift should “be smart,” alleging that the tight end is a “cheater.”

The “Catching Kelce” contestant also questioned “the genuineness of the relationship” due to how often Kelce has been speaking about it, from podcast episodes to Instagram comments.

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