“Travis Kelce’s father embraced Taylor Swift warmly, expressing gratitude and acceptance. He wholeheartedly welcomes her as Travis Kelce’s future wife without any reservations.”

Footage of Taylor Swift seeming to call Ed Kelce “dad” has got the pop star’s fans screaming.

Since going public with their relationship in September, Swifties have been unable to get enough of her romance with football star Travis Kelce. The 34-year-old singer has been a regular at the tight end’s games, cheering on his team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Swift is often spotted hanging out with her boyfriend’s mom and dad, Donna and Ed Kelce, in the VIP area. Kelce’s parents seem to approve of their son’s new girlfriend, at least, if this recent video is anything to go by.

Taylor Swift and Ed Kelce, January 2024 Taylor Swift hugs Ed Kelce after the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium on January 28, 2024, in Baltimore, Maryland. The Kelces appear to have welcomed Swift into… KARA DURRETTE/GETTY IMAGES SPORT
In the clip, viewed over 691,000 times, it sounds like the Grammy winner is calling Ed “dad,” suggesting the Kelces have welcomed Swift into the family.

Filmed on the sidelines of M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday, the clip shows the Lover singer departing the venue with Donna and Ed Kelce following the Chiefs’ 17-10 victory against the Baltimore Ravens.



Swift gently guides Donna toward the exit, before looking over her shoulder and muttering, as if verbally checking everyone in the group is accounted for.

“Did she just say ‘we have dad, we have jason’ ?????” wrote misha on X, formerly Twitter. “She calls ed DAD?!??!!?'”

Although Swift’s words were muffled by the crowd, several social media users are convinced that’s what the music icon said.

“I have a feeling Ed probably told her she could call him ‘Dad,'” commented Mandy Hessog.

“I definitely hear -ad and not ed. So I think you’re right … omg,” said Ash.

“I bet they insisted she call them Mom and Dad. So sweet!” wrote @NotThatConnie.

However, other users weren’t so sure, with Cherryl Welford writing: “I think she says ‘trav’s dad.'”

“I am hearing ‘….going back without Jason?'” said Sura.

“She was saying ‘a dad,’ meaning Jason and Ed, and then something about Jason being there,” wrote Adrienne L.

“I am not hearing anything. It’s too distorted,” said Nurse Jenny.

Newsweek has reached out to Taylor Swift for comment via email and Ed Kelce for comment by Instagram.


After meeting the parents, Swift also recently had her first encounter with Travis’ older brother and fellow NFL star Jason Kelce.

On January 21, the Philadelphia Eagles center and his wife Kylie Kelce joined the pop legend to watch the Chiefs take on the Buffalo Bills.

Despite a warning from Kylie to be on his “best behavior,” the 36-year-old ripped his shirt off before jumping into the crowd to high-five fans following a Chiefs’ touchdown. He was later caught on camera swigging beer in the VIP area, still half-naked.

Fortunately, Swift seemed to find Jason Kelce’s drunken antics amusing. The musician was seen laughing at his wild behavior during the game, before reportedly telling Travis that “she absolutely loved” his brother.

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