The viral video of travis kelce and taylor at the bar made even their most loyal fans begin to shake their faith in their relationship: Is it all just a PR stunt?

People Believe Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Are Faking It For The Cameras After Viral Video

Back in July, Travis Kelce joked about his attempt to court Taylor Swift by giving her a friendship bracelet with his number on it after a concert at Arrowhead Stadium—a nod to a lyric from the fan-favorite song, You’re on Your Own, Kid. Since then, the two have been seen together on multiple occasions, though some people are now questioning whether the relationship is real or an orchestrated PR stunt.

A viral video prompted speculation about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship being a PR stunt.
The video allegedly shows Travis instructing Taylor to display PDA for the camera at a Super Bowl afterparty.
Some Swifties are convinced the couple are very much in love and would never stage a relationship.

A video posted on TikTok of Taylor and Travis celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl win is under inspection as some fans have claimed the NFL tight end is instructing the singer to pack on the PDA for the camera.

Image credits: swiftieblues

The clip, which currently has more than 14 million views, showed the pair inside Wynn Las Vegas’s XS Nightclub after the Chiefs won the 2024 Super Bowl against the San Francisco 49ers.

In the 14-second clip, uploaded by user swiftieblues, Travis can be seen dancing and singing in the nightclub to Taylor’s hit, Love Story, but he appears to take notice that the camera is pointed in his direction.

As the NFL star bops away in the nightclub, the text overlay on the video reads: “You can’t convince me that this is [real].”

The short clip shows Travis allegedly taking notice that the camera is focused on him and whispering something to Taylor

People Believe Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Are Faking It For The Cameras After Viral Video

Image credits: swiftieblues

Image credits: swiftieblues

Then, the text overlay changes to what the video’s creator believes Travis is thinking as he puts on his black sunglasses: “Oh s**t, it’s time to film.”

The video’s creator claims that the tight end subsequently turns to whisper in his girlfriend’s ear, “Get ready, they’re filming” as the couple moves closer together.

The short clip then cuts to a still image of Taylor and Travis together from a different angle, which reads: “Mission passed: Respect +.”

Some fans allege that the NFL tight end was instructing the singer to pack on the PDA for the cameras

Image credits: swiftieblues

People weighed in on the relationship in the comments, with one social media user writing, “‘Yes, it’s all PR. However, most of the relationships we see start as PR, even with actors, but they can grow to love each other. Depends.”

Another penned: “100000% this is a PR relationship,” while a third person said, “Something real fishy is going on here.”

Other fans compared the couple to Katniss and Peeta from The Hunger Games. In the dystopian film, the two were instructed to put on a show for the cameras to boost the popularity of the bloody competition and the cruel institution that organizes it—ultimately, they end up falling in love.

Watch the video below


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In a separate video, captioned with red flag emojis, user swiftiesblues shared alleged emails they received from Seat Geek, a mobile-focused ticket platform that enables users to buy and sell tickets for concerts, sports, and theater events.

The fan in question says that they received a survey invite from the company in November after attending a Taylor Swift concert from her record-breaking Eras Tour.

“Are you more likely to attend an NFL game if there’s a possibility of Taylor Swift attending?” one of the multiple-choice questions read.

“Have you become more interested in the NFL in general due to Taylor’s rumored romance with Travis Kelce?” another asked, while a third question inquired whether the concert attendee knew who Travis was before he began dating the hitmaker.

Others compared the pair to Katniss and Peeta, the Hunger Games lovers who were instructed to stage their relationship for the audience of the bloody competition

The National Football League often makes references to Taylor on their social media accounts. In a cartoon shared on Instagram for Christmas, Travis appears sitting near a tree beside his fellow teammates, googly-eyed, blushing, and making Taylor Swift friendship bracelets.

They also frequently share content centered around Taylor and Travis’s interactions at the games.

Image credits: wynnlasvegas

Still, many Swifties are convinced the couple are in love and that the singer would never stage a relationship for the cameras.

“Taylor Swift is absolutely NOT doing a relationship for PR,” one user argued.

Since going public with their love, Taylor was seen cheering on her beau in his family suite at many of his football games, dressed in a red and white team jacket, saying she loves him, and running onto the field to kiss him following his team’s wins.

“Neither of them is in need of publicity,” someone emphasized


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