The sad untold story behind the time when Michael Jackson asked his fans for ONE MORE CHANCE

In 2001 during invincible era , Michael had a huge collision with Sony music , resulted in Michael Jackson actively speaking against Sony till he got away from them and made his own music label

and he promised the fans in Killer thriller event that his new songs would be the best and he was really exciting and confident , it was the first time I’ve ever seen MJ in my life being that badass and confident


r/MichaelJackson - killer thriller party
killer thriller party
he also said that Sony still want from him some new songs and albums and he will give him basically a songs that he recorded long time ago ” demos ” and compilation albums

fast forward to Number Ones album which was the first album for mj as a free singer , this album should have been the remark of the beginning of new era , of mj doing what he want to do , without companies pushing him to do tours

also Michael wanted to make movies, also he was planning to release a new full album after number ones under the name of “Resurrection” ( Not to be confused with fan made album under the same name ) , he was really dreaming so high and he was really excited …


the album mark the first new song of mj under the name of ” One more chance ”

r/MichaelJackson - one more chance music video
one more chance music video
this song i can’t help but thinking that it’s about us , the fans , who stick with Michael during all those controversies

the lyrics is clearly a message to the fans and i’m not the only one who thought this every comment on the song is saying the same , and it’s so clear in that unfinished music video , ” YES UNFINISHED ” and i will return to this later

but in the music video you could see Michael entering a theater where instead of him dancing and singing on the stage you see his fans on the stage as a way of putting his fans first and how he looks to his fans , and when he is singing he is singing those words to the people on the stage ” aka the fans ”

This time I’m gonna do my best to make it right
Can’t go on without you by my side ‘

he promising his fans that this is a new beginning a new era without all the company controls , also he is telling his fans that he can’t go own without us on his side ,


now about this music video …

Michael was at this time recording the short film ” aka music video ” to the song ,

while he was shooting the video , the police came and arrest him during the shooting because the 2nd allegation

r/MichaelJackson - the arrest photo
the arrest photo
and with that Michael dream had been shattered , the music video was never completed that’s why it’s different than any other video and mj face not show most of the time and there is no narration to the video , it’s like a music video not a Michael’s short film , there is no story line , and thats why the video released after so many years because it was never intended to be released….

All he ever wanted was ONE MORE CHANCE , but the world decided to not give him this chance …


That’s why it’s always so hard for me to watch the video or listen to this song… although it’s one of the best songs of mj voice wise , his voice is so clear and powerful in it

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