The ex-Migos rapper is a really huge fan of the King of Pop when suddenly sharing this special video of MICHAEL JACKSON

Offset has long demonstrated his membership in the Michael Jackson fan club by paying tribute to the singer in album covers and videos. But he recently showed his devotion to the King of Pop in an even bigger way — by sharing a photo of himself holding a one-of-a-kind piece of memorabilia.

Offset Flexes Michael Jackson’s Original ‘Thriller’ Jacket That Inspired New BAPE Collab

The ex-Migos rapper took to his social media on Tuesday (October 24) to share a picture of himself holding up the famous letterman jacket worn by the Gloved One in the “Thriller” video. “The actual jacket here,” Offset wrote on Twitter, as he also revealed that it was signed by the King of Pop himself, verifying its authenticity.

MJ fan sites quickly sussed out that the photo was taken at the home of John Branca, the powerful entertainment lawyer who is the co-executor of Jackson’s estate. The rapper has previously encountered Branca at Jackson-related events.

The same day that the “Clout” rapper showed off the iconic merch, the Japanese streetwear brand BAPE revealed that it will be unleashing a collaboration between themselves and the estate of Michael Jackson, which is available on their official website as of Saturday (October 28). The collection includes a piece based on the letterman jacket.

Check out Offset’s photo and BAPE’s announcement, below.


Offset’s devotion to Michael Jackson is so intense that he’s keeping his tattoo of the late, great entertainer even though his wife Cardi B objects to the ink.

Cardi explained to the hosts of Hot 97’s morning show how Offset’s awkwardly positioned MJ tattoo has affected their bedroom activities.

“I really need y’all to see the Michael Jackson tattoo he got on his stomach,” she said. “I don’t even wanna take it there. I will take it there, but it’s just like, y’all really have to see it.

“Because every single time I, you know like, [imitates oral sex], it just be looking at me, I swear to God. You gotta see that tattoo. The tattoo really be looking at me like, ‘Yeahhhh.’

“I swear to God, y’all gotta see it. I’m not capping. Y’all gon’ see when he show it.”

Offset said in response that he’s “never” removing the piece of ink from his body.

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