Taylor Swift Send 5 Clear Messages to Travis Kelce Regarding His Drunken Behavior at The Super Bowl Celebration Driving Fans Crazy… Details Below

Took in the scene at the club with her eyes wide. Taylor proceeded to swivel the camera to show her face, cringing playfully at the awkward celebration.

Travis and Jason Kelce Joke Taylor Swift Made It to the Super Bowl – Hollywood Life

Fans were shocked to see Taylor officially launch her relationship with Kelce, which began last summer. “This feels like i’m on your close friends story i love it 😭,” one TikTok user wrote in the comments section, with another adding,

“BYE WHY DID I NOT REALIZE THIS WAS POSTED BY THE TAYLOR SWIFT.”clip began with footage of Kelce, 34, sticking out his tongue for the camera. Swift later panned over his head to show a view of the afterparty crowd before showing her parents, Andrea and Scott Swift, sitting in a booth beside her. Music blared in the background as Scott, 71, took a sip of his drink while decked out in Kansas City Chiefs gear.

“It’s a friends and family party they said,” Taylor wrote in text positioned over the video. “Bring your parents they said.”

Taylor Swift Sends 5 Clear Messages to Travis Kelce Regarding His Behavior at The Super Bowl Celebration

In the aftermath of the Super Bowl celebration, Taylor Swift, the renowned pop sensation, has reportedly sent five clear messages to Travis Kelce, addressing his behavior during the festivities. The messages, while private, are said to convey Swift’s concerns and expectations regarding Kelce’s conduct at high-profile events.

1. **Concern for Reputation**: Swift’s first message is believed to express her concern for Kelce’s reputation, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a positive public image, especially in light of his status as a professional athlete and public figure.

2. **Expectation of Responsibility**: Swift’s second message is said to underscore the expectation of responsibility, reminding Kelce of the impact his actions can have on himself and those around him. She is rumored to have stressed the need for accountability and maturity in all situations.

3. **Respect for Others**: Another key message from Swift reportedly revolves around the importance of respecting others, regardless of the circumstances. Swift is said to have emphasized the value of treating fellow attendees, including coaches and teammates, with dignity and respect.

4. **Awareness of Influence**: Swift’s fourth message is believed to highlight the influence Kelce wields as a public figure and the responsibility that comes with it. She is rumored to have urged Kelce to consider the example he sets for his fans and the impact of his actions on impressionable minds.

5. **Commitment to Growth**: Finally, Swift’s messages are said to express her belief in Kelce’s ability to learn and grow from the experience. She is rumored to have offered her support and encouragement, emphasizing the importance of self-reflection and personal development.

While the specifics of Swift’s messages remain private, their overarching themes suggest a thoughtful and constructive approach to addressing Kelce’s behavior. As Kelce navigates the aftermath of the Super Bowl celebration, it is likely that he will heed Swift’s counsel and strive to uphold the standards of conduct expected of him in his professional and personal life.

Taylor Swift gets Travis Kelce a free pass on pushing Chiefs coach Andy Reid in the Super Bowl, claims ex-MLB exec David Samson: ‘No one talks about it, no one wants to upset Taylor – it’s ridiculous’


Travis Kelce got a free pass from discipline after he yelled and pushed Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid because of Taylor Swift, according to former MLB executive David Samson.

Kelce has been harshly criticized for a second-quarter altercation with Reid after he was taken out of the Super Bowl against the 49ers on a play where Chiefs running back Isiah Pacecho fumbled the ball away.

Before San Francisco had started with the ball on offense, Kelce had gotten in the 65-year-old Reid’s face and bumped him.


Kelce has been under the world’s magnifying glass since last September, when he started to publicly date Swift. The 14-time Grammy Award winner attended 13 Chiefs games this season, including all four playoff victories.

Swift has been shown on the broadcasts of game she has attended more than most players, but still for less than one percent of the Super Bowl telecast.

Swift and Kelce have been dating since September with the singer attending 13 Chiefs games

Swift and Kelce have been dating since September with the singer attending 13 Chiefs games

Reid and Kelce have made up from any harsh feelings from the incident from the Super Bowl

Reid and Kelce have made up from any harsh feelings from the incident from the Super Bowl


Kelce admitted to privately apologizing at halftime to his head coach, which Reid accepted. The altercation was shrugged off by both as being competitors and trying to do everything possible to win the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs won the Super Bowl 25-22, but the court of public opinion has been much tougher on Kelce for shoving his head coach than Reid was.

‘They didn’t want to ruffle any feathers, I would have benched him. I would have had him out for one series’ Samson said. ‘… No one talks about it because no one wants to upset Taylor. It’s a joke.’

‘It’s not as though Kelce is not being treated differently already with all of the ridiculousness surrounding Taylor Swift,’ Samson added.

Samson was the president of the Marlins from 2002 to 2017, as well as an executive vice president with the Expos from 1999 to 2002.

Despite any harmony with the duo, some online are pointing to the altercation as inappropriate

Despite any harmony with the duo, some online are pointing to the altercation as inappropriate

The criticism for Kelce has also been harsh online after the altercation, with some saying Kelce’s girlfriend, 14-time Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift, should see the behavior as a ‘red flag’.

Since the Super Bowl, further inappropriate behavior from Kelce, according to some, has taken place. First he was too drunk to talk at the Chiefs championship parade on Wednesday.

After the fatal shooting at the end of the parade in Kansas City, Kelce was seen smiling for a selfie with a local policeman.  

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