Taylor Swift make it clear that she want kids with Travis Kelce…and it’s junior Travis she wants first !! |C3

Taylor Swift make it clear that she want kids with Travis Kelce…and it’s junior Travis she wants first

Taylor Swift’s latest social media post from Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs game is fueling speculation am ong fans.

Joined by new friend Brittany Mahomes, wife of teammate Patrick Mahomes, Taylor shared glimpses from behind the scenes in the exclusive family and friends box at Arrowhead Stadium.

A particular photo caught fans’ attention: Swift and Brittany posing with Lyndsay Bell, wife of Chiefs’ tight end Blake Bell, who is expecting their second child.

Swifties were quick to dissect the image, focusing on Taylor’s choice of accessories and her unconventional pose.

Some fans playfully suggested that Swift’s cross-legged stance and the presence of a glass of alcohol were intentional moves to quash pregnancy rumors.

Fan reactions

The social media post sparked a wave of comments, with fans praising Swift for preemptively addressing and dismissing the speculations.

“I don’t blame her for letting us know she isn’t pregnant in most scenarios,” a user wrote on X.

“It must be beyond exhausting as a celeb to constantly have rumors spread about you in the media.”

Another added: “I think that’s why at any event she makes sure she’s seen sipping some sort of alcohol or else it’s gonna be ‘Taylor’s pregnant!’ in the next headline.”

While some fans lauded Swift for her response, others continued to predict a future pregnancy despite her ongoing tour commitments.

Swift and Travis began dating secretly in August, making their public debut in September. Their relationship has thrived, with Travis even accompanying the singer on her Eras Tour.

Travis Kelce ‘wants kids with Taylor Swift’ as NFL star’s quick marriage plans revealed

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end is said to be ready to settle down and wants children with Taylor in “the next year or so”


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are ‘very serious’ and ‘extremely happy’ as they make plans for their future 
Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, is reportedly ready to settle down and wants children with Taylor Swift in “the next year or so”. The whirlwind relationship between the NFL star and newly billionaire singer is said to be getting serious.

The pair are thought to have already discussed their future together after they started dating in July this year and took their romance public with several appearances together at football games and even at Saturday Night Live in New York City.


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Travis Kelce is a family man 
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Taylor Swift looks on before the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos on October 12 
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“They’re already making plans for the future,” a source tells Yahoo Entertainment. “He and Taylor have even talked about kids. Travis wants them in the next year or so, and Taylor, of course, is all in. He’s exactly the guy she’s been waiting for. He said he can see himself marrying Taylor.”

Travis is well known for being a family man as his mother Donna often appears at NFL games. He’s also very close to his big brother Jason and dotes on his nieces who call him ‘Uncle Travvy’.

Travis was spotted at a Texas Rangers baseball game on Friday night, where he couldn’t contain his excitement when Taylor’s song “Shake It Off” started playing. He was seen on the big screen dancing and laughing.

In the video, Travis is seen in the stands as the chorus of “Shake It Off” starts to play. He smiles, raises his arms, and starts to dance. The crowd goes wild when they see him on the big screen.

While he was dancing, Travis was holding his phone, which had its screen visible at one point. Swifties zoomed in on Travis’ screen and made a sweet discovery.

One fan shared a photo of Travis holding his phone next to a photo of Taylor from her Eras Tour film premiere. They wrote: “Travis has got Taylor as his lockscreen. I’d recognize those bangs anywhere LFG.”

Fans responded to this theory with excitement. One fan wrote: “Travis having a pic of Taylor as his wallpaper, OH WE WON.” Another added: “Travis is so me because I also have Taylor as my lockscreen.”

“Man is down badddd,” one fan swooned. Another pointed out: “Yeah, that’s definitely her bangs right there.” A third fan gushed: “Him having one of her red carpet looks as his lock screen instead of the countless selfies and stuff they probably have together… omg he really is just a big stan.”

However, not everyone was convinced. “What am i looking at?” asked one puzzled fan. Another commented: “Idk whether I should laugh or find this cute but maybe both.”

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