Let See And Explore the Enchanting Abodes and Marvelous Dwellings of Taylor Swift, scattered throughout America’s Land, the most common of which costs only about $30 million

Taylor Swift’s Homes: All Her Multi-Million Dollar Properties, Their Prices and Other Details


Taylor Swift’s Homes: All Her Multi-Million Dollar Properties, Their Prices and Other Details

Taylor Swift, the 33-year-old maestro who’s been shaking off doubters since her musical debut, has not only ruled the charts but also conquered the kingdom of real estate. The songstress boasts a net worth estimated at USD 740 million, and Forbes reports that USD 150 million of that has been wisely invested in prime properties. As her devoted “Swiftie” army continues to grow, let’s take a detailed look at Taylor Swift’s homes acquired over the years.

While Taylor continues to rake in the big bucks and make fans’ wildest dreams come true on her much-awaited Eras Tour 2023, we can’t help but wonder where this global icon has her sights set on next in the world of real estate. With her impressive portfolio of lavish homes spanning multiple states, is she on the path to becoming a property mogul? It sure looks like it!


Taylor Swift’s homes: A peek into all her luxurious properties

New York, NY | Tribeca

In 2014, Swift, the reigning queen of Tribeca’s real estate scene, made her first big splash by purchasing two adjacent penthouses at 153 Franklin Street from none other than Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson. The singer spent a whopping combined amount of USD 19.95 million, and guess what? She didn’t stop there. In time, she added the second-floor complex to her portfolio and next, expanded her Manhattan footprint by acquiring a 100-year-old, four-story townhouse next door for USD 18 million.

Taylor Swift homes153, Franklin Street (Image: Zillow)
Swift’s renovations to this property alone amount to over USD 1 million, transforming it into a luxurious oasis. The project was helmed by the brilliant architect Leopoldo Rosati, which ultimately led to her temporary retreat to the famous Cornelia Street carriage house. The brick townhouse is now on the market for a (not-so) cool USD 17.9 million. This historic townhouse offers seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, and includes an adjacent three-bedroom apartment for her security team.

It was just three years after her initial Tribeca penthouse purchase that the singer extended her holdings horizontally, buying the century-old townhouse. Then, Taylor expanded her property empire to the former Sugar Loaf warehouse, now a chic loft haven for celebrities like comedian Aziz Ansari and the infamous French politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn.


Located at number 155, this 3,540-square-foot loft, acquired from financier Jeremy Philips for USD 9.75 million, exudes charisma with its hardwood floors, open-plan living spaces adorned with wood-burning fireplaces, and three inviting bedrooms. Like in Taylor Swift‘s other homes, this too boasts luxury amenities like a home theatre, gym, guest suite, and a spacious terrace.
taylor swift homes155, Franklin Street (Image credit: Zillow)

New York, NY | West Village

Swift once set her sights on this 1870 brick townhouse, a place that became legendary through her iconic lyric, “I rent a place on Cornelia Street.” She occupied this cosy hideaway between 2016 and 2017 while her USD 50 million (last estimated price) Tribeca loft was undergoing a glamorous makeover. Fast forward to today, and this delightful residence has officially hit the market with a price tag of USD 17.9 million. It can also be yours to rent for a monthly fee of USD 45,000.
Taylor Swift real estateTaylor finds inspiration any and everywhere! On the 2019 album “Lover”, she sang about her former New York City carriage house in the song “Cornelia Street.” (Image credit: Zillow)
Step inside, and you’ll discover four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and an extravagant indoor pool. As you wander through this tasteful haven, you’ll be greeted by double-height ceilings that seem to brush the sky, antique Parisian brickwork that whispers secrets of yesteryear, and a dazzling array of chandeliers that set the mood for opulence. This home is a harmonious blend of classic charm, modern extravagance and borderline maximalism – no blank spaces here!

What’s more, ET recently reported that Taylor has extended her support to her friend Sophie Turner during the actress’s divorce from Joe Jonas by loaning her the use of her New York City apartment. This generous gesture comes after Taylor and Joe had a brief dating history in 2009, and recent sightings of Taylor and Sophie hanging out together in the city suggest a close bond between the two. According to a source, Taylor and Sophie have always shared mutual admiration and respect for each other.

Watch Hill, Rhode Island

When Swift needs a getaway, her Rhode Island estate provides solace. She paid a staggering USD 17.75 million in an all-cash deal for this property, which sits on 5 acres of land with over 700 feet of beachfront, offering unobstructed views of the water. This serene neighbourhood is a departure from typical A-list locales, likely one reason she was drawn to it. It’s even rumoured that her song “The Last Great American Dynasty” was inspired by this property.

It’s rumoured that Taylor’s song “The Last Great American Dynasty” was inspired by the overwhelming beauty of this property. (Image: Zillow)

Nashville, TN

Swift’s music career launched in Nashville, and she maintains strong ties to the city. At just 20 years old, she purchased a 3,240-square-foot penthouse on Nashville’s Music Row for USD 1.9 million. This whimsically designed apartment, with a shabby-chic Alice in Wonderland vibe, showcases her unique style.

But Swift’s connection to Nashville goes beyond this penthouse. In 2011, she acquired the Northumberland Estate for USD 2.5 million, showcasing further commitment to her roots. The sprawling Greek Revival estate includes a 5,600-square-foot main house and a 2,000-square-foot guesthouse. This estate sits on 6 acres in Forest Hills, a suburb of Nashville, and is easily one of Taylor Swift’s homes that are closet to her heart.

A Greek revival-style mansion, spread across almost six acres of land in Nashville. (Image credit: Zillow)

Los Angeles, CA

While Swift primarily resides on the East Coast, she occasionally finds herself in Los Angeles. In 2018, she sold two Beverly Hills properties: a Cape Cod-style cottage for USD 4 million and a smaller single-story home for USD 2.65 million. However, she retained ownership of her 1934 Georgian Revival estate, which she purchased for a jaw-dropping USD 25 million.

This seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom mansion spans 10,982 square feet and was once owned by Hollywood film producer Samuel Goldwyn. Swift’s most recent move was to gain approval from the Beverly Hills Cultural Heritage Commission to turn this estate into a historic landmark. This is also the star’s most expensive real estate purchase till date.

The house sits on 1.37 acres and is nestled within the Franklin Canyon hillside behind a wall of trees and a gated gravel driveway. (Image credit: Top Ten Real Estate Deals)
As of 2023, Taylor Swift supremacy continues to be on the rise and how! As she woos fans with her intriguing, powerful numbers, it’s inevitable that both her popularity and bank balance is pretty damn impressive. With eight homes across four states, she’s not just a musical icon but her budding love story with real estate is noteworthy too.


Swift’s homes, each unique and luxurious in its own right, reflect her diverse tastes and provide a glimpse into her remarkable success story. Whether she’s in Tribeca, Watch Hill, Nashville, or Los Angeles, Taylor’s influence and presence remain undeniable, and her “Swifties” continue to stand by her side.

(Main and featured image credit: Zillow and Instagram/TaylorSwift)


Where does Taylor Swift live now?

Simply put, there’s no easy answer to where Swift currently lives. With her multiple properties and a busy touring schedule, she likely spends what little downtime she has split between her Nashville, Beverly Hills, and New York City homes, with the occasional visit to her Rhode Island estate for special occasions.

Where was Taylor Swift born?

West Reading, Pennsylvania, United States

What is the most special house of Taylor Swift?

1200 Laurel Lane, Beverly Hills, California. Purchased in 2015 for an undisclosed price, the sprawling 10-bedroom mansion is currently valued at over USD 30m and is undergoing major restoration to receive historic landmark status, a process overseen by Taylor.

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