Jason Kelce CALLS OUT Kim Kardashian For Making Fun of Taylor Swift’s Dancing

Jason Kelce Defends Taylor Swift Against Kim Kardashian’s Mockery

Jason Kelce CALLS OUT Kim Kardashian For Making Fun of Taylor Swift's  Dancing - YouTube

In a surprising twist, Jason Kelce, the celebrated football player, has taken a stand in defense of Taylor Swift. The recent incident involves reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who stirred controversy by sharing a TikTok post that poked fun at Taylor’s dance moves from her “Delicate” music video.

The video, a sped-up edit of Taylor’s graceful choreography, aimed to label her as untalented. However, Jason Kelce was having none of it. In a candid response, he called out Kim Kardashian, urging her to reconsider her actions. “Sit down, Kim!” he exclaimed, emphasizing that Taylor’s artistry deserves respect.

This unexpected clash between pop culture icons highlights the complexities of fame, creativity, and public perception. Jason Kelce’s unwavering support for Taylor Swift underscores the importance of standing up against negativity, even in the glitzy world of Hollywood.

As the debate rages on, one thing is clear: Taylor Swift’s dance moves may be delicate, but her impact on the music industry remains indelible.

Jason Kelce Says He Started ‘Understanding’ Taylor Swift’s Fame at 2024 Super Bowl: ‘It Was Overwhelming’

“There were so many star-studded people there… everyone wants to come see her but the suite is only so big,” Jason shared


Jason Kelce; Taylor Swift


Jason Kelce got a taste of Taylor Swift’s star power at the 2024 Super Bowl.

The Philadelphia Eagles Center, 36, shared on his New Heights podcast with brother Travis Kelce that he was blown away by how many celebrities wanted to meet the “Anti-Hero” singer, 34, in her suite at the game.

Jason made the revelation after Travis asked him how Usher’s Halftime Show performance went, to which the Eagles player revealed that he didn’t catch it because “there was so much happening in the suite at the time.”

“Turns out everybody wants to meet Taylor,” he said. “[Shaquille O’Neal] came on in the suite.”

Jason Kelce, Donna Kelce and Taylor Swift photographed in Las Vegas on Feb. 11, 2024

Jason Kelce, Donna Kelce and Taylor Swift photographed in Las Vegas on Feb. 11, 2024.HARRY HOW/GETTY

Who Is in Taylor Swift’s Suite at the 2024 Super Bowl? All of Her Friends at the Game

“I think it was my first [time] really understanding… some of the things that she has to deal with on a [daily] basis,” he continued. “There were so many star-studded people there where it’s like dude, everyone wants to come see her, but the suite is only so big.”

Jason admitted that the celebrities constantly coming and going from the suite had him feeling “overwhelmed” and that he had to take some breathers.


“It was overwhelming to be honest with you,” he shared. “It was very overwhelming, I was going outside the suite, I was talking to Keegan Michael-Key and his wife… the celebrity attendance was pretty unreal.”

Travis noted in response that his girlfriend had learned to deal with that kind of attention since finding fame and was used to it by that point, despite it being something the brothers were still getting a grasp of.

“It’s the Vegas Super Bowl baby, the stars are out. You gotta love it, man,” Travis said. “Taylor thrives in those situations, she’s been in them countless times in her life.”

Ice Spice (left), Jason Kelce, Taylor Swift and Blake Lively photographed on Feb. 11, 2024 in Las Vegas

Ice Spice (left), Jason Kelce, Taylor Swift and Blake Lively photographed on Feb. 11, 2024 in Las Vegas.EZRA SHAW/GETTY

Shaquille O’Neal Accomplishes Mission to Meet Taylor Swift and ‘Shake the Hand of Greatness’ at Super Bowl 2024

Swift was seen cheering on the Chiefs in her suite alongside several celebrity best friends including Blake Lively, Ice Spice, Lana Del Rey, Keleigh Sperry and Miles Teller. Beyond that select group, other celebrities, like O’Neal, got to have their moment with the Grammy winner during the big game as well.

O’Neal told Page Six of meeting Swift, “I just want to shake the hand of greatness.”

“If I see Taylor Swift and get to shake her hand, take a picture, I’ll be good,” the NBA legend, who retired in 2011, explained to the publication at the Shaq’s Fun House Super Bowl party. “She’s a fabulous person. I’m happy for her. I’m proud of her. She’s done a lot. She’s definitely a cultural icon.”

His wish came true as he posed for a photo next to her on Sunday inside Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. In his Instagram caption, O’Neal said that he and Jamie Salter gifted Swift an NFL-themed Judith Leiber bag. Salter, in his own Instagram post, wrote, “Hope you love the @judithleiberny bag. Go KC.”

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