”Don’t call my daughter annoying”; You’re just jealous – Andrea Swift, Taylor Swift’s mother spoke up to REVEAL the painful truth to protect her daughter

Andrea Swift, mother of pop sensation Taylor Swift, has spoken out to defend her daughter against harsh criticism. The protective mother stepped into the spotlight to address negative comments aimed at Taylor during a recent event where she came to watch and cheer for her boyfriend, Travis Kelce.

“Don’t call my daughter annoying,” Andrea Swift declared firmly, addressing those who have been critical of Taylor’s public appearances and support for Kelce. “You’re just jealous.”

The statement comes as a response to a wave of online criticism and rumors surrounding Taylor Swift’s presence at events supporting Kelce, particularly during his football games. Some individuals have taken to social media to express their displeasure, labeling Taylor as “annoying” for her enthusiastic support.

Andrea Swift’s candid remarks shed light on the toll these comments have taken on Taylor and the family. “It’s painful to see your child criticized in such a manner,” she explained. “Taylor is simply showing her love and support for Travis, and it’s unfair to attack her for that.”

The protective mother went on to emphasize that Taylor’s actions are driven by genuine love and admiration for Kelce. “She’s not doing this for attention or to be annoying. She’s doing it because she cares deeply for Travis,” Andrea Swift stated.

Fans of Taylor Swift have rallied behind the singer, expressing their support for her and condemning the negative comments. Many have praised Andrea Swift for speaking out and defending her daughter against unwarranted criticism.

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Social media users, mostly Chiefs fans, have since focused on whether or not the “Taylor Swift curse” is a real thing despite the fact they were first saying that tight end Travis Kelce played better with her in attendance.

Swifties were quick to defend the popstar and even claimed that blaming a woman for losses involving grown men playing a game is borderline mysoginistic.

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Perhaps the worst take of them all is comparing Swift to Yoko Ono, the woman who the world blames for breaking up The Beatles after she started dating John Lennon.

“I’m sorry but when did Taylor Swift start playing offense in the NFL? And are we really still blaming Yoko Ono for the downfall of The Beatles? It was racist and sexist then and still is today. Let’s stop blaming women when men become inept at their jobs,” one user tweeted.

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