Deadpool Actor calling Taylor Swift SHAMELESS for publicly kissing her boyfriend Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift RESPONDED HARSHLY

Deadpool Actor calling Taylor Swift SHAMELESS for publicly kissing her boyfriend Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift RESPONDED HARSHLY


the Deadpool actor, 46, took to Instagram Story to playfully troll her.

The Hollywood star shared a picture of himself and added music by Healy’s band The 1975.

The group’s hit Chocolate played in the background of his selfie, which he captioned, ‘Zoom zoom.’

Reynolds is the husband of actress Blake Lively, who has been Swift’s best friend for nearly a decade. Swift has proved she’s the ultimate girl’s girl for years, however, her supportive instincts are being shown more than ever as the newest WAG (wives and girlfriends of high-profile sportsmen and women).

The 33-year-old cheered on Kelce, also 33 (we love a 1989 moment in the making), for a second time at MetLife stadium for the Chiefs victorious away game against the New York Jets.”Taylor’s doing all the things she hasn’t had time for lately like going out with her friends and staying out late,” a third insider explained of Swift, who is currently in between legs of her record-breaking Eras Tour.

Taylor is at a point in her life where she’s no longer willing to hold back,” the confidante detailed. “If something feels right — like it does with Travis — she’s jumping in with both feet

Shawn Levy Calls Taylor Swift a ‘Really Fun Hang’ and Reveals How She Gave Him ‘Dad Cred for Life’ (Exclusive)

The ‘Deadpool’ director — who joined the superstar at the Chiefs-Jets game with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds — says Swift is a “good role model” for his girls


Taylor Swift-Shawn Levy All Too Well Music Video


If you’re suddenly hearing a lot about Deadpool 3 director and Stranger Things producer Shawn Levy, it’s likely because he was snapped in Taylor Swift’s suite at the Oct. 1 Chiefs vs. Jets game that he attended with his two best pals Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds.

But Levy, 55, who has directed massive movies including The Adam Project, Free Guy and the Night at the Museum franchise, says Taylor Swift actually gave him cool cred long before that infamous football game — especially when it came to his four daughters.

“You have to understand, my daughters are between the ages of 12 to 24,” Levy — who appeared in Swift’s 2021 project All Too Well: The Short Film — tells PEOPLE exclusively. “So Taylor Swift has been their only shared idol for that entire span of their lives.”

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Continues Levy, whose latest project, Netflix’s All the Light We Cannot See, is out Nov. 2: “When she asked me to be in the video for All Too Well, and I was able to bring all four daughters to be in that video with me, I got dad cred for life.”

Taylor Swift-Shawn Levy All Too Well Music Video

Shawn Levy in the All Too Well video.TAYLOR SWIFT/YOUTUBE

Levy says that Swift, 31, whom he initially met through Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively, asked him to play her father in the video (directed by the Grammy winner).

“I’ve directed both of those actors respectively,” Levy says of Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink, who starred as the leads in the short film. “Dylan O’Brien in The Internship, and Sadie Sink in Stranger Things. But that was one of the few times that I’ve acted in the past 20 years. It was a very fun day.”

Levy says he managed to land his girls roles as guests at Sadie Sink’s birthday party — and it’s an experience he says they’ll certainly never forget.

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Taylor Swift-Shawn Levy All Too Well Music Video

Shawn Levy’s daughters as extras in the All Too Well video.TAYLOR SWIFT/YOUTUBE

“Definitely, any parent loves to give their kids a thrill,” he says of the amazing coup, adding that he’s been lucky as a working dad to make projects that usually entertain his daughters.

“When they were young, I was doing these family comedy films that they could see with their friends, like Night at the Museum and Pink Panther. Then as they became teens, I started producing Stranger Things. With my upcoming series All the Light We Cannot See, they’re able to watch that too. It’s been a fluke, but I’ve been very, very lucky in that way.”

As for being at the Jets-Chiefs game — where Swift was watching her rumored beau Travis Kelce play —  Levy says it was a level of fame and frenzy he’d never seen before.

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“I have never witnessed, and will likely never again witness anything like I saw when I went to the football game with Taylor Swift,” he says with a laugh. Still, he didn’t hate it, and he certainly doesn’t mind that his daughters are die-hard Swifties.

“You know what, as a dad of four girls, their collective fan-hood and mild obsession with Taylor is fine by me, because she’s a good role model,” he says. “And most importantly, that woman wrote all of those songs herself. This is a true generational creative genius. She a force — and she’s also a really fun hang.”

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