Breaking: Rumor has it that the reason Taylor Swift is angry at Travis Kelce is because he is better at using chopsticks than her

New Photo Seems To Capture Taylor Swift Yelling At Travis Kelce & It Sent Social Media Into A Frenzy

Rumors are swirling that pop sensation Taylor Swift is reportedly upset with NFL star Travis Kelce

Sources close to the situation have revealed that Swift is allegedly irked by the fact that Kelce has superior chopstick skills. Yes, you read that right. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end, known for his prowess on the football field, apparently also excels in the art of using chopsticks.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the humor of this situation, it’s important to remember that these are just rumors. Until we hear from Swift or Kelce themselves, we can only speculate about the truth of this chopstick challenge.

In the meantime, fans of both stars are having a field day on social media, with many creating humorous memes and jokes about the situation. It just goes to show that when it comes to celebrities, even something as simple as using chopsticks can become headline news.

Photo of Taylor Swift singing into a mic and photo of Travis Kelce sulking
Taylor Swift is getting slammed online following a photo surfacing on social media that shows her appearing to yell at Travis Kelce.

The pop star has been spending some quality time with the Kansas City Chiefs star given that she’s on break from her Eras Tour, while he’s on some much-deserved downtime after winning the Super Bowl in February.

Taylor and Travis were spotted in California this past weekend, with paparazzi getting their fill of photos. One such photo shows the couple in an unflattering position as the singer is shown yelling at Travis, or at least she appeared to.

Check it out below:

Fans are suggesting that the relationship is set for an ugly end, with one of them suggesting it was karma for the way Kelce yelled Andy Reid’s ear off during Super Bowl 58.

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Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift Are Only Human

Taylor Swift does appear to be yelling at Travis Kelce in the photo, but it doesn’t necessarily mean she was. She could have been saying anything.

In any case, they’re only human. While they’ve both been in the public eye for a long time, their relationship is also a very human one. Those do come with ups and downs.

Travis Kelce Is Looking To Chase A Third-Straight Super Bowl

Travis Kelce winning Super Bowl.(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

There were rumors of Kelce possibly retiring at the end of the season. But, while a Kelce has indeed retired in 2024, it wasn’t Travis.

The star tight end has won three Super Bowls with the Chiefs but is intent on oncapturing at least one more, and he wants to do it next season as it would mark an unprecedented NFL three-peat.

Travis left little to speculation as he announced his plans to return in 2024 immediately after winning his third ring. Meanwhile, his brother, Jason Kelce, has called it quits after a 13-year career with the Philadelphia Eagles.

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